The South African Airways case



In 2012, South Africa Airways launched a program in which banished white candidates to pilots. This measure, according to SAA’s communications ‘will be used to redress the demographic and gender imbalance found within SAA’s pilot corps’’.

After that, Trade Union Solidarity launched a great campaing agaist this policy of SAA, the protest reached to Europe, which even made a Member of european parliament to propose a ban on SAA flights to the EU because this company promoted racism.

After all the pressure the SAA lifted the ban on applications from white males for its cadet programme. But , a year after, no white males were in the group of candidates for cadets to the SAA suggesting that lifting of the ban was merely a smoke-screen for continued racial selection by the national airline.

This is purely racial, SAA do not choose the pilots on merit or aptitude but by the color of their skin. No matter what the 40 chosen were all black, mixed, Indian, matters that are the best to provide better service.

Government and companies are so obsessed with the racial quotas that they forget the service they offer and forget that are being racists because they prefer one in the detriment of another based on race.

Apartheid supposedly ended, so,  judge someone based on race should also be over but it seems that still apply in certain moments.

Maybe there would be great pilots, they could even be better than many who where choosen but now will not be able to do what they want because they were born white.

Choosing someone to take over functions should have nothing to do with race or culture, no matter they are Zulu, Boers, Indians etc matters that are the best and most qualifying.


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