Boer embassy Met Vladiimir Putin!

Ambassador Herman Coetzer met with President Vladamir Putin for the first time since the new Boer Republic was announced. With embassies now fully functional Boer leaders are eager to demonstrate their commitment to establishing strong relationships with other nations. “President Putin is a remarkable man,” Ambassador Coetzer observed. “We had a great conversation and he has guaranteed our new nation will receive full support from Russia.” This meeting follows two days of hectic traveling during which Coetzer met with China’s president Xi. That meeting was held in a secluded area of Xi’s residential palace to avoid pressure from an overzealous press. Coetzer’s brief visit to China was to be followed by a whirlwind tour through South Africa. According to Coetzer’s staff the Chinese asked for an immediate meeting with the ambassador. “It was rushed,” Magda Du Preez, Coetzer’s press aid stated. “After the announcement of the opening of the embassies there was a sudden rush of telephone calls and emails from leaders around the world.

Coetzer is expected to remain in Russia to finalize a firm trade and mutual support agreement. “The ambassador does not want to leave Russia without having signed agreements in hand,” Du Preez said. 

The Russians have indicated they will take Coetzer on a tour of the nation’s historical assets including a brief visit to Lenin’s tomb. As is customary, Coetzer will place a Corinthian Wreath on Lenin’s glass case. Typically leaders are asked to present a symbolic kiss to the former head of Russia whose preserved body, it was recently learned, is rapidly decomposing. The recent death of Hugo Chavez drew attention to Lenin’s body as Venezuelan’s had intended to preserve Chavez’ body using techniques developed in Russia. Russian experts were sent to Venezuela to help scientists there preserve the body.

After some testing was completed it was decided Chavez’ body was not suitable for long-term storage. “Unfortunately Mr. Chavez was infected with multiple STDs that would cause the body to decompose prematurely,” a Russian spokesperson observed. The decision was made to bury Chavez’ body in a public dump that doubles as a grocery store for Venezuelan citizens. 

Ambassador Coetzer will spend the night in the Kremlin along with his entourage, visitors and a stray Alpaca. The tour will take place tomorrow after Coetzer and Putin have had the opportunity to discuss a number of options relating to Russian relations with the new Boer Republic. An insider familiar with the talks indicates Putin would like the Boer Republic to act as a defensive missile shield. Coetzer has previously said the new republic will not act as a political pawn to any government. Putin spokesman says this stumbling block could cause some difficulties in negotiations but he stated there are many other options on the table including using the Boer Republic as an underground storage facility for Plutonium and Highly Enriched Uranium currently stored in Tehran.

Du Preez states that Coetzer will be returning to South Africa when his international tour is complete.

Despite some time, this news is fantastic and deserves to be referenced and commented here.

The Boers , in order to create the ”volkstaat”, must have international support and  need this diplomatic game to show the rightness  of having self-determination. It’s good to see that moment of isolation post apartheid and discrimination of Boers are to passing

The meeting with Vladimir Putin and other leaders is essential to the cause of self-determination of the boer-afrikaner people. Even more when apparently vladimir putin treated exceptionally well the boer entourage. Putin seems to be a politician who understands the cause Afrikaner! Hopefully keep his position!
It is necessary that these embassies proliferate so that people who support the cause Afrikaner can push for a change on the political attitude toward the people Boer-Afrikaner.




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5 responses to “Boer embassy Met Vladiimir Putin!

  1. Incognito123

    Good day,

    Is this real? Or did someone make this up?
    It would be very special if it was real but then I would like to see another source…

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