Boerboel! A Boer Dog!



English: A Boerboel

English: A Boerboel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Around the world, all peoples and nations have their their own dogs. For exemple, doberman’s and rottweiller’s are originate in Germany, Irish setter in Ireland, Cocker Spaniel in United States, Border Collie in England and many others, what about the boers? is there any breed of dog developed by the Boers? The answer is Yes, the Boerboel!

The boerboel began when the colonization of the cape began by crossing european dogs(manly danish) with native dogs and after with other molosse dogs like bulldog, German Dogue and Bullmastif.

All these crosses originated the Boel dog that later originated the Boerboel. These dog played an important role in the great trek, because when the boers  migrated to northeast often had to face the savannah lions, leopards, hyenas and even snakes and used the boerboels to deal with these animals, these breed of dog was also widely used in the I and II Boer war in the defense of farms, families and even used to fight in open field.

The Boerboel is a highly robust and strong dog, The chest is broad and the legs pronunced legs. The tail is short and straight.

Height: 60-70cm

weight- 60.80Kg


Protector of family and property, sees strangers with suspicion and can become aggressive if feels that family is under threat. The dog creates a huge bond with the owners and doesn’t  like to be alone long time. Should be well educated and socialized to not become aggressive because it is a large dog, and a boerboel attack can cause severe damage. Do not get along well in apartment since it is a large dog and needs to be exercised.

It is very smart and learns quickly


The Boerboel played a importante role in the boer-afrikaner history both in great trek and in the boer wars and it’s part of the culture.

It is also known as South African mastiff or south african boerboel, we disagree with that naming since the breed was develop by the boer people not other south africans, could instead be called Afrikaner Boerboel or Boer Mastiff.


A well musculed breed

A well musculed breed


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