Siener Van Rensburg

Siener Van Rensburg

 Nicolaas Pieter Johannes ‘Siener’ Janse Van Rensburg was a Boer man that was born in 1864 in Palmietfontein Farm near Potchefstroom. In personal live he lived a typical XIX century boer live, a farmer, with a large family, 10 children, and strongly devoted to God. However he was much more than that. Boers and afrikaners referred to him respefully as Oom Niklaas, Uncle Nicolas. During is live he had a large number of prophecies about events that will happen during in live and much after is live both nationally and internationally. He correctly predicted more than 700 hundreds events. His visions had a great importance in the Second Boer War in which he correctly previewed battles and other important moments in the War. Is degree of influence among the Boer generals and politics is disputed but General Koos de la Rey make him is advisor in battle and considered Siener as a prophet of God.  


He correctly previewed events such as:

The death of General De la Rey

The political transformation in South Africa after is dead

Battles in the Second Boer War

The First World War

The rise of communism

The rise of the ANC and the black empowerment in South Africa

The global warming and the ice melthing

The Second World War



Siener prophecies in the Second Boer War and for the Union of South Africa


      In this period Siener correctly previewed the begin of the 2nd Boer War and the british concentration camps. Is visions were very utile advising the boer leaders of the of the advancing british troops and allowing to the boers to win some battles. This gave him a good relationship with president of Oranje Vry Staat, Marthinus Steyn and with Generaal Koos de la Rey which made him is essential advisor for the battles in the war. After the Boer defeated in the Second Boer War, Siener Van Rensburg continued to have visions about events about the future of the Boer-Afrikaner people and the world history. Then in 1914 Siener had prophesised the death of Generaal Koos de la Rey, two months before of his death. Siener had say the month, the day, the hour of the death, the caravan with flowers in which the body of De la Rey will be transported and the number of the hotel room where De la Rey had stay before intend to meet the rebels situation is which he was accidently killed by a missing bullet.

 To be continued…

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