Only afrikaners allowed on farm settlement

The people of Kleinfontein, near Pretoria, have vowed that only Afrikaners will be allowed to live in their farming settlement, The Times, reported on Wednesday.

Everyone living there, from the security guards at the gate to the gardeners, was Afrikaans, the newspaper reported.

The Gauteng legislature’s portfolio committee on community safety was reportedly told last year that black police officers were not being allowed inside the enclave.

Its controlling body’s chairperson Jan Groenewald told ,The Times, that a resident had to be “an Afrikaner with Voortrekker heritage, a Protestant Christian and abide by the Blood River covenant”.


“We do not think in terms of race, we think in terms of culture… [but] you cannot ignore the fact that we have different races. That is the reality,” he was quoted as saying.

Its residents included the leaders of several rightwing groups, but they were kept in line by the community’s directors, he reportedly said.

“We do not fly the South African flag because [South Africa] is a unitary state – the reason we find ourselves in this situation.”

According to The Times, Groenewald said the community would lobby the Tshwane municipality for the settlement to be declared independent.

“Eventually, the African National Congress government will have to approve what we are doing here.”





     The small settlement of Kleinfontein is one of the two Afrikaner settlements in South Africa, the other is Orania. We think that this kind of places are important to protect and to develop the Afrikaner culture and the Afrikaner people that are in risk in today’s South Africa. However we think that the fact of only Afrikaners with Voortrekker heritage and other conditions, being allowed in the settlement could be a pass too far for the reputation of Kleinfontein and for the developing of the Afrikaner resistance. Definitely a place like Kleinfontein should have conditions to the people that want to live there and is also normal that people of some groups don’t want to live there. But the fact of the resident have to be an Afrikaner with Voortrekker heritage, a Protestant Christian and abide by the Blood River covenant is not positive in our opinion because could split and divide the Afrikaner people and the whites in general and in this difficult times of difficulties internal divisions in the Afrikaner group is not really what we need to fight for our own state and freedom. Some others whites alongside with that the obey to the rules defined by the Kleinfontein settlement could also want to live there and being prevented by this lists of rules will in our opinion create a split in the patriotic Afrikaner groups and lower the reputation of Kleinfontein in South Africa. We also do not agree with the fact of black policies last year were prevented of entering in the enclave. We know that the South African policy is ridiculous and represents a political power that all of us don’t agree with, but preventing those policies to enter the enclave, and being this true, is in our opinion not positive because despite of all, Kleinfontein is an enclave in South Africa and this could led to some critics about racism which is a thing that probably don’t exist in Kleinfontein but measures like that could led to that kind of critics which are not good to it’s reputation. 

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