Robert Mugabe will nationalize mines and banks from whites

These measures that Mugabe said before of the last Zimbabwe elections show that he is still getting in more radical left wing politics. After the land expropriation that he done against the whites, also will some attacks at farmers, Zimbabwean agriculture as been declining and now he decides to nationalize the banks and mines owned by white people. This shows a racial discrimination in Zimbabwe because people with a certain race, whites, can not have a certain business, agriculture, banks and mines, which is clearly ridiculous because whites in Zimbabwe should be treated the same way that the blacks because they are all Zimbabweans and Zimbabwe is not the former Rodesia in which was first a Colony of Great Britain and then the period of Ian Smith’s government.

Beyond the inner effect in Zimbabwe these measures are dangerous also because could have and effect in South Africa. We know that Mugabe has been a influence to the ANC, a decade before of the Nelson Mandela win the 1994 elections, Mugabe was elected Zimbabwe’s president and more dangerous than that, he has been a strong influence to the far left side of the ANC party specially to the ex-ANC youth leader, Julius Malema that following the steps of Mugabe wants also to nationalize the land, mines and banks without monetary compensation and promotes hate against the whites with songs like ‘Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer’. Mugabe has also said that Mandela had been to soft for the South African whites and this words could make grow even more the anti-white feeling of many black leaders and people and could increase even more the number of attacks against whites in South Africa which is already very high and many times racially motivated.

So in both cases, the Zimbabwean and the South African, the blacks blame the whites for the desigualties between black and whites and the poverty in those countries. However and despite we are not in favour of the Apartheid and the Ian Smith’s government in Zimbabwe the truth is that at the time of those governments the unemployment rate was much smaller, the life expectance was bigger and the corruption level was smaller.

About the unemployment rate it was 9,2% in 1980, in 1990 with the prejudice of the international sanctions it has increased to 18% but in 2010 was of 24,9% with a pick in 2005 when it was of 26,7% which is much bigger of the one registered during the Apartheid period and it is high, even for Africa’s patterns. With this dates we could clearly see that the new ANC system fails to provide jobs to South Africans and the Black empowerment politics are a profound failure because privileges the jobs to black people and even thought the unemployment rate is higher that during the period of strong international sanctions in the end of Apartheid regime. These show that the whites are not the problem in those countries.


Here we see that the commerce in today’s South Africa is also worst that in the end of Apartheid even with the international sanctions that South Africa faced in that period. In 1992 we could see that, despite the cost of the volume of trade we much smaller than now, South Africa exported more than imported by a positive difference of around 20.000 million Rands. In fact only in the years of 2001 and 2002 is that the balance of trade were more positive than now and those were years with a much better economical environment than in 1992 specially for South Africa. With the financial crisis in USA in 2007 the Balance of trade started to get highly negative to -120000 Rand but this crisis is not the explanation to all this because since 2004 that the Balance of trade in South Africa started to get negative in a period in which the South African economy were growing but without sustentation as this graphic show because the imports were much bigger than the exports.. After 2009 the balance of trade started to recovery but not enough and it as been always negative with in 2011 declining again to around -30000 Rand. This shows that the economic plan of the ANC governments are not getting good results and are much worse that those during the Apartheid regime. Our agriculture is being affected with the Farm attacks and the black empowerment policies are a failure. These graphics also show that the South African economy is having difficulties in to impose in the global market being only a regional and continental potency in the worst developed continent of the world, Africa.


Will South Africa be the Next Zimbabwe?


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3 responses to “Robert Mugabe will nationalize mines and banks from whites

  1. Honest White European

    Under Roman occupation and slavery there was peace in the old World indeed … so it was a better time than today , where democracies rule and slavery is not allowed; but we have a chaotic World.

    Should we return to Roman slavery then ?

    The arguments in this article about Africa claiming better employment in the past to imply things are worse now are similarly stupid.

    Indeed the African continent should be given back to their rightful native owners and stop pillaging their wealth. Where are the profits from the foreign banks and mines going ?

    Mugabe is reclaiming what belongs to them.

    I am a white European .

  2. I don’t understand your reference to the slavery in the ancient World and the Roman Empire. The fact is that in the Roman Empire had many times of war and it ended in violence with the attack of various barbarian tribes mainly from Eastern Europe. In relation to today’s world, our world is not democratic that’s a wrong idea. They are regions and continents that are democratic as Europe but in others as Africa and the Middle East dictatorships are still in majority. And is mainly in those regions that the conflicts and that chaos that you referred happen. The democratic regions of the world are generally pacific.

    So responding your question obviously that we should not return to Roman Slavery or to any type of slavery even that if exist a better security.

    You say that the African countries should be given to its rightful native owners and I say that in today’s sub-Saharan Africa all the leaders are black as in Zimbabwe or in South Africa. The time of colonialism is now over and now Africa belongs to Africans. But Africans are all the people that were born in Africa regardless race.

    The case of the Afrikaners is even more flagrant than the British descendent Zimbabwean because they are a true Afrikaner people that originated in the XVII century and have only a home, South Africa. The Boer-Afrikaners are not colonial; they are the descendent of Dutch, German and Huguenot French people that joined in only one people in Africa. They constituted as a people in Africa, not Europe, and developed there with a great struggle to land and independence against African tribes and British imperialism. They develop South Africa as we know. So they have the same right to have land as the blacks because they are true Africans despite been not native of Africa.

    In the case of the British in Zimbabwe they are in fact colonial descendents. But now Zimbabwe is not a British colony so they are not colonies anymore but Zimbabweans. However here the case is different than the one of Afrikaners and similar to other British settler in other countries as South Africa and Kenya. The white Zimbabwean are descendent of British colonialist and so here I agree that some land reform was necessary to the land distribution be more proportional between races but Mugabe is simply a dictator that wants to take all the whites land and even expulse them out of Zimbabwe with a violent land reform and with an hate speech. And that is inconceivable.
    If Africa should only belong to native Africans so Europe should only belong to native Europeans by your logic and America to Indians and so one. Is that what you think?

    • The longest period of peace in western civilization was the Pax Romana (Roman Peace), which lasted 200 years. That peace, ironically, was enabled and enforced by Rome’s unrivaled military might.

      The self-proclaimed leader of the “free World” and democratic freedom and equality for all has a long resume of wars, plotting coup d’états in favor of dictators, supporting dictatorial regimes in today’s Wolrd and the like. Democracy is not necessarily a guarantee for peace.

      I agree with you that race should not be an issue at all for Mugabe , you or anyone else. Africa should belong to Africans regardless of their color.

      Obviously if Mugabe is targeting whites because of their color that is wrong. This in no way is an excuse to justify that things were better before, black Africans had known nothing but abuse and exploitation by white men.

      Robert Mugabe should nationalize all property owned by foreign and national vulture capitalists and use that wealth for all Africans , including white Afrikaners.

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