Malema continues to attack and once again…now with conspiracy theories!


Julius Malema, now the leader of his new Party – Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) who faces charges on tax fraud alleged that this case is politically motivated and is a conspiracy os afrikaners and indians against him: “I’m subjected to political persecution by political leadership led by [Finance
Minister] Pravin [Gordhan], with his group of Indians”  Well this is a classic escape to the subject by Malema and nothing better than continue his hate speech against ethnic groups different from their own (and the Boer / Afrikaners could not be outside).

His lawyer apparently said outside the courthouse: “The Afrikaner are [sic] pursuing a racial hatred against Julius and what he
advocates for

Well, we understand that that the lawyer’s role is to defend the client but these claims are just ridiculous..  The afrikaners don’t like Malema not because of his race but because of his hatred on white people, Malema defends expropriation of whites, Malema sings songs about killing boers, Malema wnats that white people pay after 20  years for the apartheid, in conclusion Malema is complety obsessed with white people, and the afrikaners are racist???

Malema now reappears in politics because after the ANC having dismissed him for being too radical, now that is not supported by the ANC faces a number of chargesin court as tax evasion and corruption, his mansion in Sandton, Johannesburg, was sold at auction for R5.9m. His farm in Limpopo fetched R2.5m at auction in June.

One of the curiosities of the upcoming elections in 2014 will be how many people follow and vote in the party of this criminal

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