Police arrest 900 in N West

Johannesburg – About 900 people were arrested for various crimes in the North West over the last week, police said on Sunday.

‘Spokesperson Sabata Mokgwabone said nine people were arrested for murder, 19 for rape, 195 for assault, 10 for attempted murder, 44 for burglary, 41 for shoplifting, 54 for drug-related crimes and 70 for possession of suspected stolen goods.

Fifty-two undocumented people were also arrested.

The remainder of the arrests were for various other crimes.

Mokgwabone said police also managed to confiscate and recover seven cellphones, 12 knives, two stolen vehicles, 55 rounds of ammunition, 14 firearms and two magazines, counterfeit cigarettes and various drugs.

The arrested people will appear in court soon.’

  Our comment

   This news shows again the very high level that the criminality in South Africa has. Is incredible how in just one week 900 people were arrested for crimes most of them violent. And bear in mind that this was in one of the South African Provinces with less population which shows even better the dimension of the problem. The police in this case act correctly and done a good job in arresting who should be arrested but we also know that in other cases the police close eyes to some of the crimes and let be free murderers, rapists, thief’s and other criminals. We think that this is part of a larger picture because this level of violence and attacks including the attacks of blacks on whites are the proof that the government doesn’t care much with the criminality and so he doesn’t care about protect is one people, a thing that every government must do. South Africa is the fifteen country of the world with most murderers per capita and is incredible how the government don’t put this subject as having top priority.

      We as Afrikaners will center our preoccupations more on the black on white crime. And if even in the crime in general government hasn’t done is best to the diminution of it the case of the black on white crime is worrying because since the end of the Apartheid, 70000 white people were killed in South Africa and almost 4000 of it farmers. This white genocide in South Africa is unfortunelly forgotten international and don’t get the attention that it deserves.  There are social causes that explain part of  today’s crime in South Africa but in the case of the black on white crime it is cause mainly because of politics that the ANC governments take that are discriminatory to whites and the hate speech of some black politicians like the case of Julius Malema. Some influent black politicians want the Afrikaner people out of the political decisions in South Africa and try to destroy the Afrikaner culture and the Afrikaans language. Since the Apartheid period that the South Africans blacks show their will to attack and to take the power of the whites. But now we don’t live in Apartheid and since the end of Apartheid all the three presidents were black so now the power is in blacks hands. And even though, we still hear songs as ‘kill the boer, kill the farmer’ of the former ANC youth leader Julius Malema or ‘Umshini Wam’, zulu for give me my machine gun, of the president Jacob Zuma. It is unacceptable for us to see a president of a democratic state to sing a song that has a violent and even racist content. And with those songs the South African politicians influence hundreds of thousands of people to attack whites in violent acts of murderer, rape and theft not because they need but because they want to destroy the Boer-Afrikaner Volk. Because of that, is time to those people to get out of the South African political stance because if those people or people with that ideas continuing to stay in the government the white genocide in South Africa will continue.

     Also when some people said that the wave of violence against the whites is because of the memory of Apartheid it is not true because the rhythm of attacks is not slowing down over the years and most of the criminals are relatively youth people that don’t really lived the Apartheid and so do the crimes mainly because of the manipulative racist speech’s of black leaders as Julius Malema and also because of other factors.


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