Racism claims in correctional services

Cape Town – Ten correctional service employees have taken the department to the Labour Court, claiming that they have been overlooked for promotions because they are not black.

Pieter Davids, a senior correctional services official told eNCA that white men had no chance of being promoted of the next five years in the department.

According to Davids, who is one of the complainants, the national Employment Equity plan discriminates against white and coloured South Africans.

He describes himself as one of the department’s top achievers, and has applied for a promotion on more than one occasion, much like other complainants.

However, due to correctional services’s affirmative action plan, a black candidate was chosen.

Davids turned to labour mediation body the CCMA but was unsuccessful and conceded that certain groups were disadvantaged under apartheid.

During cross-examination, Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza pointed out that it was inevitable that previously advantaged South Africans would suffer under the current Employment Equity plan even if they are qualified for the job.

He said it was not fair to say that white men would never be promoted, as the current guidelines would be revised in 2014.

Meanwhile, the correctional services employees involved in the case were worried they’d be persecuted.



    This news gives us another example of the discrimination that the whites in South Africa and even people of other groups as the Coloureds suffer in South Africa. Once again the black empowerment politics prove to be racist for who is not black, just as in the case of the first post of this blog, the South African Airways case. We don’t understand why the complainers are not treated the same way and don’t have the same opportunities to develop there careers as the black guards, but this ANC government doesn’t care about the work or the qualifications of a person, this government only cares about the race and in giving the most jobs they can to blacks even if that means sacrificing people of other races that could have more abilities. These policies will only led to more incompetence, more corruption which is prejudicial to the development of the South African society and that we could already see today. But what is incredible is that even with the Black Empowerment Policies the unemployment rate in South Africa is very high and the blacks unemployment rate is still the largest, with the whites unemployment rate getting bigger year after year and throwing many whites into poverty. Is a discrimination to overlook certain people for a certain job just because they are not of a certain race, in today’s South Africa that means, that if you are not black you will have more difficulties in getting a job. If during the Apartheid the whites had better chances to get a job than people from other races and the all world protested, this case should not past without anything being modified and until putting an end to the discriminatory Affirmative Action policies, we should protest. We know that many of the highest earning jobs are still in the hands of whites in a manner that is not proportional to the South African race distribution but if we consider the distribution of jobs per race during Apartheid regime is normal that differences still exist today. And we should not put apart people of other races for certain jobs in detriment of black people even in the cases in which the whites, coloureds or indians have more qualifications to that job than blacks. The way to solve this is developing more the public education and formation for all the people giving a chance that the jobs are given to the best in each area. Also with an increased public and private investment more opportunities of work will be given to more people and then the unemployment rate will decrease for every racial group in South Africa.

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