Why help the afrikaner people

People often question themselves about the donations that do to other people and for nations/people . This reflection makes sense because obviously we do not want our donations are routed to different things to help the people not want it to be used to buy things that they’re not food or clothing. In our opinion should not be denied to anyone help, however, we must recognize that there are people who deserve more help than others, not because they are predestined or better etc but because there are people which do not have a state where they can organize and have a state that protects them both in terms of safety and in social terms. Among the many people who find themselves in this group are the boerAfrikaners. It is true that the Boer Afrikaners are integrated in a state that is South Africa, but this state is far from protecting the Boer-Afrikaners. We see the number of Boer-Afrikaners unemployed to increase greatly due to policies such as affirmative action that harm Afrikaners even if they are competent at work, we see a number of farms  confiscated to Afrikaners to increase the number of blacks or mestizos manage farms, we see the rise over the last 20 years of violence with thousands of Afrikaners killed and seriously injured. We see the free promotion of racism by politicians like Julius Malema or Jacob Zuma with musics like”kill the bóer, kill the farmer” and other actions

Of course Afrikaners feel that they don’t belong to the South Africa and it is deliberate. The result of all this is obvious – increase of poverty and hunger among Afrikaners. It is therefore essential to help these people who are unprotected and integrated in a state that despises them. It is true that there are other people who need help, who are starving, where there are many diseases but the responsibility to help these people is from their states. Afrikaners although they are in South Africa does not have enough political representation to be heard and therefore not have a state that protects both socially and physically.

 concluding, Afrikaners are a people who are stateless and in our view the aid to the people who are stateless  should be high-priority because they don’t have nobody to protect them unlike other African peoples that despite being very poor, have a state. The action on these people should not be the direct help but seek the state to assume his duties, being less corrupt and more active socially. Regarding the Afrikaners the aid should be direct(food, clothing, job offers) because Afrikaners are treated like second-class citizens not belonging to the Sotuh African state. Boer afrikaners have their  own  identity that is very different from other people who make up the South African State.
 Again we reaffirm the necessity of a volkstaat.A state  of bóer-afrikaners is prioritizing the Afrikaner people and protect thempoor afrikaners socially and physically


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3 responses to “Why help the afrikaner people

  1. Van

    very good post .
    Keep going spreading your message!

  2. I would like to distribute this article in leaflet form.

    • Hey Raymond, of course you can distribute our article.
      It’s great that you have read our article and you enjoyed it, however, we will make a special article to publicize about justice in helping Afrikaners. If you want, we can send to you a email with the article in a leaflet form.

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