Violence and white genoice in South Africa

Since the end of Apartheid, violence is in the order on the day in the South African society. Murderers, robberies, rapes and assaults happen every day in number that are concerning. These attacks affected every people, whites, blacks, coloureds, Indians or immigrants of all sort. However we since have witness since 1994 a continued violation of the whites rights in the South African society that are completely against the forgive and forget and the rainbow nation that Nelson Mandela promise. The South African whites are not only attacked by criminals but also discriminated by laws of the same party the man that wanted to create a harmonious multicultural society. Whites pay more taxes than the blacks, are victims of the policies of quotes in certain jobs so many became unemployed and go to poverty. Returning to the main point of this text the level of crime and violence in the South African society is so high that the security is the biggest problem that South Africa faces now. South Africa is one the countries in the world with the highest crime and murderer rate and is the region leader of this sad statistics. Since the end of Apartheid more than 174 000 people were killed, the number could be even higher, and many more suffered violent crime many of them with permanent consequences. But even worse than that is the fact that around 70 000 of those victims are white which is simply disturbing knowing that in South Africa whites are only a little bit more than 9% of the population. If 70 000 victims are not much if we consider the total of the South African population, considering the 5 million whites in South Africa is really a lot and is a situation of beginning of genocide because some crimes are definitely race motivated.  All this shows besides the general violence in the South African society a situation of white genocide even more notorious within the Boer-Afrikaners specially farmers.

Since 1994 around 4000 white farmers were killed in South Africa which is 2.2% of the white farmers in the country with more than 12% been attacked in their farms.  The truth is that unlike the ANC government says the attacks on whites specially the farm attacks are not only part of the bigger picture of crime in South Africa. These attacks are perpetrated many of times by organized groups of individuals that intend to kill whites because they consider them as whites foreigners and they are considered responsible for all the problems of South Africa. And In South Africa the victims are of every races but the criminals are almost ever blacks. But the worst part is that the ANC party not only doesn’t prevent these attacks on whites as also promotes discrimination which hate speech against white people. Slogans as Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer, Maak dood die wit man or One Settler, One Bullet unfortunelly were singed or displayed by ANC members and this shows the real dimension of the problem. And with all this the international image of South Africa continue to be the one that Mandela promised and not the real South Africa were people of every races are killed every day. The genocide risk on South Africa increased to level 6 on 8 levels which shows that the South African society is a society of risk where be white is dangerous. One of the main principles of a State is to give protection for it’s citizens and the truth is that the ANC governments have failed in deliver that and so they should be punished. This is also bad to the South African economy because the Afrikaners are very productive and with the deaths of Afrikaners and the fleeing of many others to other countries as Australia because of the crime in South Africa the South African economy will start to have worst numbers than now. For example when a farmer is killed a farm take many years to recover and that is negative to South African economy because the farm is abandoned.



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2 responses to “Violence and white genoice in South Africa

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  2. Just got back from South Africa, it is truly an alarming situation. See youtube video “Nothing in here is worth dying for …”

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