Swakopmund Hotels

Panoramic view of the city


Basic information: Country: Namíbia

Admnistrative division:Erongo

Founded:4 August, 1892

Area: 200km2

Population: 44 000

Distance from the capital(Whindoek)- three and a half hour.


Swakopmund is one of the largest cities in Namibia. Situated on the atlantic coast is habited by many Germans and Afrikaners and spot visit of many South Africans.

Swakopmund was founded in 1892 by the German captain Curt Von François, a important figure of German colonialism and one of the pioneers of the idea of Suid Wes-Afrika.(Southwest Africa). Germans built a harbor that has become the largest port of import / export of the whole Namibian territory.

In 1915 the Union of South Africa Occupied the South West africa territory  and the town became less properous. Yet the South African Union developed tourism in swakopmund and many afrikaners visit the town for holidays.

Nowadays, Swakopmund is an African city that matches the architectural style reminiscent of Bavaria. The combination of these two cultures makes the city unique and fascinating.

Many Germans still live in the city, and the German language is still widely spoken in Swakopmund. Many Afrikaners also reside here, many even before the independence of Namibia. Crime is considerably lower, and you can walk the streets at night with no major problems although it is not advisable to walk poorly lit areas and without company.

Things to do in Swakopmund:

Visit the swakopmund museum. The Swakopmund museum have very galleries and pictures of colonial history in namibia andthe history of indigenous people like herero.

Fishing: Swakopmund promotes fishing tourism. Especially in shark fishing. Usually after fishing the shark is returned to the see to not harm the environment.

Exploration of the desert. Several tours through the desert are made with special attention to all kinds of living beings that exist there.

Visit the National Marine Aquarium: With very species of sharks and rays.

Are made many other activities organized by the municipality of swakopmund and is also considering a city tour to see the whole architecture of the city and also through local bars and restaurants.


Vineta is one of the most richest suburbs in all Namíbia and in Swakopmund, most of the well-to-do in Swakopmund live there. Mondesa is the division where traditional black people live and it’s one of the most violent zones in Swakopmund.

Hospital: If you feel bad or sick the main healthcare provider in the city is the Cottage Medi-clinic, a hospital with 70 beds.

Curiosities: In August 2008 filming commenced in Swakopmund on the television series The presioner starring Jim Caviezel and Sir Ian McKeller. Swakopmund was used as the film location for The Village.

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt(daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) born in Swakopmund in 2006 where her parents live for a while.

Swakopmund is a holiday place that attracts not only many Namibians as well as many South African of middle class for a holiday. It is estimated that Swakopmund is one of the few cities in Africa with white majority and with the contribution of many Afrikaners as many live there Since forever and others moved there after apartheid to be a quiet and prosperous city. The Afrikaans is a regional language recognized in Namibia.










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