1.5 million form a Human chain for the independence of catalonia

Catalonia Flag

The news has more than 3 weeks but deserves to be mentioned here because is related with afrikaner self determination , on 11th of September in Spain on the International Day of Catalonia over a million and a half people formed a human chain in a demonstration for independence of catalonia .

First, the catalonia is an autonomous region of Spain that came to be in independent but often in its history was suppressed by Spaniards.  their culture was completely ignored and neglected during the period of the dictator Franco and the Catalans could not speak Catalan because if they did they were arrested , could only speak Spanish . Today, catalan is more respected and even used in newspapers and on Catalan television, however , the Catalans will remain trapped in the Spanish monarchy that does not give to catalonians full independence . The Catalans as Afrikaners are a distinct people , they have their own culture , their own traditions , they  are a different ethnicity , they have a common history with the Spanish but also a unique and different history of their own. The Catalans are arguably a distinct people of Spanish and if they want to be independent , should be able to choose their own destinies . Even more when catalonia is currently subjected to harsh austerity measures because unlike in catalonia Spain produces up slightly and spends a lot and catalonia that is the richest region of Spain paid this crisis that they did not create. Only 50 cents for each euro that Catalonians pay in taxes returns to catalonia and is invested in catalonia!!

The images that we show represents the will of a people to decide their destiny without being tied to another. Catalonia is not spain and the Boere-Afrikaners are not south africans. And as the Catalans we also want to decide our future and not be stuck in another country

In 2014 will be a referendum to decide whether the Catalans want to be independent or not, for now, the polls indicate that the vast majority of Catalans want it, with values ​​of above 50%, hopefully in time Spain has good sense and let the Catalonia follow his destiny.

400km human chain



Despite some differences the Catalan people and the boere-afrikaner want  the same thing – Independence and ability to manage their own resources among other things, so we should support the self-determination of both peoples.

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One response to “1.5 million form a Human chain for the independence of catalonia

  1. Carl

    As a catalan I’m very glad to see an article about our fight for independence, thanks for writing about it and remember that next 9th November we are supposed to hold the referendum.
    For several reason I also consider myself South African, and after a deep look to the site I’ve learned so many things about afrikaner history

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