Malema launches EFF

This is an important moment for South Africa politics and definitely also for Boer-Afrikaner people. After being ban of the ANC Youth League, Julius Malema had officially launched is Economic Freedom Fighters this Sunday.

In first place we could see that Malema said that a baby was born but a giant that can walk immediately and that the people must be afraid of. Immediately we could see that Malema wants to inspire fear in the South Africans population specially Boere-Afrikaners that are as we know the main enemies of this lunatic. Is posture also shows a typical dictatorial posture of who is not with me is against me and so must be afraid of him because he thinks that he is in charge of all South African blacks. However we must be prepared to take serious these affirmations of Malema because Malema had already proved in the past that he is capable of being a cruel and miserable black racist.

Then in his speech Malema said that the EFF is not afraid of confronting the white bosses for not paying to the workers and abusing them. Here we see again the obsession that Malema has with white people. We know that some farmers not pay to his black workers and that must be prevented but that is a situation that is also common to many other countries and is not significant. Which is not common to other countries in the abuse that the Boere-Afrikaners and other whites suffer in South Africa right now. And Malema is part of the problem and not of the solution because he has responsibility in the farm murders because of his hate speech and hate songs that are often displayed. We must prevent the farmers of being abuse and killed by some blacks that only want to take the land violent without any respect for the human rights. And many of those blacks are Malema’s political children so we must stop Malema to protect the Boere-Afrikaners.

Malema as in his recent speech’s spoke again of the 34 miners killed by the police in Marikana, when they protested exiging better working conditions and salaries. Despite being a violent protest and measures should be taken we agree that the police action went too far. However Malema and his EFF supporters turned the death of those miners as the flag of battle of the party as a symbol of the whites and police oppression in South Africa. Also blaming the police in not the solution for the problem of the miners and shows again that Malema doesn’t believe in authority and so he is not a true democrat.

Malema also still insists that the whites must give back the land to the blacks because they inherited thought theft and the whites had killed the blacks and are not ashamed of that. First, the boere-afrikaners don’t inherited anything thought theft. We fight against the Zulus and other tribes with respect by the enemy, soldier against soldier, warrior against warrior, we not massacred anyone, that is false. Who massacred us were the british that in the 2nd Boer War killed 27000 Boer women, olds and children. And who is slowing massacring us are the blacks that follow the hate speech of people as Malema and do horrendous crimes against Boere-Afrikaners and also other whites in South Africa. Second, the economical impact if all the farmers were nationalized or gave to blacks will be huge and will provoke many problems in the agriculture of South Africa. The land would be gave to people that don’t have the experience to that and the production will decline a lot. As an example 90% of the farms gave to blacks in the land reform failed which shows that the blacks need the boers to produce agricultural produces with success. It also good to remember that only 4% of the South African land in good to agriculture so is not anyone that can do successful farming in South Africa.

Then he also criticized president Jacob Zuma for being a singer and a dancer, we don’t blame Malema for that because it’s clear that Zuma is a weak president that is easily influenced and that has also big responsibilities in the white’s genocide.

To finish his speech Malema sang again is ‘Shoot the boer’. On Monday was also spread in the social network a banner with the following words: ‘A revolutionary must became a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate’. It’s a clear and concrete sign, if anyone still had doubts, that the hate that Malema has for our people don’t decrease and he wants to increase even more the white genocide. It’s difficult time for us that only could overcome with unity, solidarity and strength. Remembering the old Transvaal motto, ‘Eendrag maak mag’.

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October 18, 2013 · 1:07 pm

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