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   In this post we will write about a very important movement of the present for the Boer-Afrikaner people, the Oraina movement/community. The community was founded  in the eastern part of the Northern Cape region next to the Oranje River in 1900 when 40 afrikaner families led by Carel Boshoff gather and created Orania with the objective of protecting the Boer-Afrikaner that was in danger in the end of Apartheid. The project is a private property with his shareholders running the town according with the interests of is inhabitants.

    The objective of the Orania movement is to promote the Afrikaner culture in all is aspects including the Afrikaans language. Because of that only Afrikaners are allowed to live in the town. The objective is also to protect the Boer-Afrikaner people creating a place where they can develop with safety without having security problems that is as we now one of the major issues in current South Africa.  The movement of Orania has also the ultimate objective of being the center of a Volkstaat  creating a area for Boer-Afrikaners in the Northern Cape province where Afrikaners could be a majority, a definition that is quite similar to the one presented by the Vryheidsfront plus party. This is one of the most important questions for the future of our people and many proposals were presented but until now we think that neither in perfect.

       The number of inhabitants in Orania is unknown but there we estimate that is between 1000 and 1500 people. There are 10.000 registered supporters of the movement. These numbers show the success of the Orania movement, since there creation until today they never stop growing being currently at a rate of 10% a year.  Orania has today three residential areas, Kleingeluk, Grootdorp and Orania Wes. A total of 17 buisness are located in Orania with the manual labour being executed all by Afrikaners because the workers in Orania can only be Boere-Afrikaners.

       The education is also one of the main focus of the Orania community. The classes are only in Afrikaans and have the objective of promoting and teach to the children the Afrikaner values and the Dutch Reformed Church values. There are two schools, the CVO Skool Orania and Die Volkskool Orania with some differences in the method of teaching because the CVO is running as a normal school and Die Volkskool Orania has different methods with classes at home.

    The economy life of Orania is mainly focus to the agricultural sector. The town has 7000ha of agricultural land. The agriculture is highly modern and there is an innovative irrigation process that is being adopted by farmers in other parts of South Africa. Orania has since 2004 there own money, the Ora, and a local bank institution. There are also 13 independent hospitality business in Orania of various types, a caravan park, self-catering flats, rooms, hotel and guest-houses. There are also handicraft business.

     South Africans have different opinions about Orania. Some think that the community is racist because only allow Afrikaners to live there. However we don’t agree with that because Orania doesn’t allow people of other origins to live there not because of racism but because of the fact that the objective is to protect Boere-Afrikaners and it’s culture so comes natural that only Afrikaners are allowed to live there. Is good to remember that in South Africa also exist communities of other people as Coloureds and Xhosa communities with which Orania had make some agreements. Orania community make an agreement with the Xhosa community of Mnyameni to sharing knowledge and assist in the development of own institutions.

      However most of the black South Africans politics are not against the community of Orania. IN 1995 Nelson Mandela visited Orania to have a tea with Betsy Verwoerd widow of former Aprtheid era president, Hendrik Verwoerd. Even Julius Malema visited the community and praised the fact of the habitants of Orania working together instead of working against each other. Current president Jacob Zuma also visited the town.

     In our opinion Orania is an important and positive project for the Boere-Afrikaners because in a time is which our culture is being put to second place by South African authorities, Orania offers a safe place to it were it can be protect and developed. Also, Orania is a safe place also for Boere-Afrikaners as individuals because is one of the few places in South Afrika where they could walk on the street, or being in their farms or houses without the risk of being attacked. Orania is also in a region that we think that offers the best conditions in South Africa to form a  future Volkstaat because of various factors that we have explained in another post. Still we think that in the current situation is difficult to form a Volkstaat.

      We wish all the best to the Orania community and movement and hope that it can develop and grow more in the new years.




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  2. Hou die boere afrikaners se kultuur bo , trots om n afrikaner van geboorte te wees. Dis my geboorte land.

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