Piece is over in Mozambique



Why is this news is important to Afrikaners? 1st place because Mozambiek is a strategic and economic partner of South Africa and a civil war will affect South Africa and consequently the Afrikaners who export much of their production for this country
On the other hand we have to take into account that there are many Boer-Afrikaners living in Mozambique (especially in niassa) due to a special program that was signed in 1996 in which many farms move to to Niassa.

Last Monday, the forces of FRELIMO, the ruling party surrounded the barracks where Afonso Dhlakama – the leader of oppositon was living for over a year. After that, RENAMO attacked a police barracks in Sofala and ripped a peace treaty signed between the two political forces in 1992 ending the civil war.

The leader of RENAMO, Afonso Dhlakama escaped with some of his fighters and hid in the mountains of gorongosa which is a place he knows very well, and difficult terrain for troops of FRELIMO.

These episodes, joining Renamo threats to cut traffic on some roads, rekindles the threat of a new civil war.

On November 20 will be conducted municipal elections in Mozambique in which which Renamo refused to participate because they believe there are irregularities in the electoral process.

In our opinion, it is quite unlikely to occur again civil war in Mozambique. Because the civil war began at a time when RENAMO had military support from Rhodesia initially and then South Africa and now RENAMO does not have a strong military support.

But we must consider that we are in Africa and revolutions can happen anytime. Anyway, everyone should be careful on the roads in the interior where many civilian vehicles are being attacked and in Maputo where many abductions are occurring.


Afonso Dlakhama, leader of RENAMO

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