Racist Attack in Pretoria filmed


We read that this attack happened during the month of October. Anyway, we can not confirm, what we can confirm is that these attacks occur every year, months and weeks and often in South Africa, just to see the stats to confirm the frequency of these attacks.

http://www.alertadigital.com/2013/10/28/un-grupo-de-surafricanos-violan-y-lapidan-a-una-mujer-de-raza-blanca-en-una-calle-de-pretoria/ (The video can be viewed by clicking on the link)

As we can see, this brutal and savage attack, is not a simple robbery, is pure and simple hatred, the woman probably after being raped is humiliated and beaten to unconsciousness and possibly to die. This all happens with a huge passivity of all the citizens passing. Probably do not want to know, maybe even think that because it’s white woman doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately we do not look at this video and say it is an isolated case, because it is not! There are a series of attacks to farms and houses that what interests for the criminals isn’t  the property or the money, what matters is hurting and torturing whites.

Afrikaners are a nation that have right to self-determination, We have the right to live in a place where we are not discriminated  and where we are not constantly exposed to this type of violence.

There are no more words to say about this video, but there is a lot to think about.

And from now, we appeal, that all who see this video to publicize on social networks, in the Internet in general and referring that this isn’t an isolated case, but a reality in South Africa


racist murder



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