White Squatter camps


Today in South Africa one of the biggest problems that affect Boere-Afrikaners is the poverty. Around 800.000 of them live in poverty some of them even struggling to survive. They were put in this situation especially by the affirmative action policies of the various ANC governments that gave jobs to blacks that belong to whites in order to increase the quality of life of the South African blacks. The whites that became unemployed because of those policies were completely forgotten by the government. Without money their jobs they lost the money they need to keep the house and many of them end up in Squatter camps where their live in poverty with very bad conditions sometimes without any drinkable water and food with some even struggling for survive.  Recent statistics point to as much as 800.000 poor Afrikaners in South Africa with the squatter camps congregating a large number of those with some of them, around 100.000 Afrikaners struggling to survive. There are atleast 90.000 Afrikaners, in Squatter camps, with some numbers pointing to much more, and only around Pretoria there are 80 squatter camps a number the shows well the whole dimension of the problem.

As we have said before the Afrikaner poverty and number of squatter camps is increasing because the rendement of some of them is being smaller at every year. And that happen mainly because of the Black Empowment and Affirmative Action policies. Those policies have only one objective, give job to blacks at any cost allowing black people without proper formation to take the jobs at whites, coloureds and Indians that are more qualified in that specific job but go to unemployment because the government prefers to see a black person there than a person of other race specially whites. That leads to a big growing on the white’s unemployment and many of them specially with worse qualifications cannot find a job and lose the house, the car and some go these squatter camps were they started a live of poverty and difficulties.

The population living in the squatter camps is from different backgrounds. Most of them are from the middle-low class who worked on the public sector and lost the jobs because of the Black Empowerment policies. There are also some ex-militaries that couldn’t find jobs after their military careers end because they had fewer professional habilitations because since a young age they dedicated to the military. The squatter camps consist in a large number of old caravans congregated in some caravan parks were people are not spending a vacancies but living there without most of the basic living conditions. In those camps there are no drinkable water, proper food, sometimes just one or two bathrooms, the space of a small caravan is too small to families that are sometimes of 5 or even more because sometimes we have 3 generations of the same family living in the same caravan.

Because of the bad conditions in the camps and the poverty, some marginal behaviors increase. The two major problems provoked by the bad social conditions are alcoholism specially of men and domestic violence in the vast majority of men against women. There are a lack of professionals that can lead with this subjects and the as always police doesn’t care with the security of the people that are attacked. The inexistence of proper hygiene conditions led to diseases and infections caused specially by lack of food or spoiled food and by undrinkable water that are sometimes drink because is the only water available.

These people are really poor and need our help to sustain their lives sometimes even to survive. Many people forget or don’t even know the situation of these people. Boere-Afrikaners don’t have a state to help them and so they are dependent on the help of individuals or founds. So is essential that we help these poor Afrikaners to keep with their lives running or sometimes just to help them survive.

This video with the song of Bok van Blerk, Die kleur van my vel, is in honour of the habitants of Coronation Park sqautter.



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10 responses to “White Squatter camps

  1. Tina

    Why bid the Afrikaner people never own the gold and diamond mines or the riches of SA. After just surviving the consentration camps of the boerwar we let the queen of england and her rich Ango American friends have everything we returned to our burntout farms and were satisfied with the crumbs. Still today we are blamed for appartheid while the britsh soldiers started apartheid consentration camps in the boerwar. These soldiers murderd 25000 woman and children started apartheid and then blamed us for it. The mines need to be nationalized and the profit should go to job creation and training colleges for the poor people in our country and not to make the rich richer. Do not forsake the poor in SA.

    • Ant Brooks

      If Afrikaners had pulled together with the English South Africans this mess may never have occurred. You were so busy getting revenge for a defeat a hundred years old, you lost the country, and now we are all paying for it.
      The Philistines(blacks) stole the Promised Land(S.Africa) from the Chosen People(the Afrikaners) and the Afrikaners did not even know it was happening.

      • When do you think that Boer-Afrikaners should have pulled together with English South Africans?
        The marks of the Second Boer War, were very deep not only because of the lost of the two Boer republics but also because of the genocide of innocent people that happen. So is perfectly normal that the two people never were totally united. Still if you look to Apartheid you see all the whites with the same rights and united against the Black people and other minorities. Which it was a big mistake not only because you should not discriminate other people but because the union was made by race and not by kulture which is a retrograde idea.
        That’s why the Volkstaat should be the Boer-Afrikaner state not a white state in our opinion.

      • Ant Brooks

        In reply to your reply. In the US blacks demand reparations for slavery. Intelligent whites counter with this argument – bring all former slaves and former slave owners and let them sort it out. There are none of either group left, just as there are no internment camp survivors or British soldiers left. Let the past go.

        More to the point. The blacks are in charge now and will never allow anything to go back. The idea of a white homeland will never be allowed, and quite frankly, how many Afrikaners would move there and actually have a way to make a living?
        The Afrikaners need to unite now. Fire their non-Afrikaner employees and hire fellow Afrikaners. As they are not doing it now, why would it change? My rich Afrikaner friends have blacks and coloureds in their houses and farms and do not see the need to change.
        It is all very sad to what has happened.

  2. Dennis

    Who in the bloody hell wrote this. I appreciate the concern for the growing issue at hand, but I found it a laborious and painful experience whilst reading through your article. Please, if you would post on a medium as far-reaching as a blog or something similar, be mindful of tense, grammar and in this instance in particular, anglicisms and poor spelling. Also remember, punctuation marks are your friends. They make for easy and pleasant reading. The trouble I had deciphering the copy made me take this serious topic, well… a little less serious.

  3. Our english is not very good. We will try to pay more attention next time.

  4. Dorinda Maritz

    Where do I find this camp. Me and my 4 year need to move there as I’m unemployed, refuse to beg on a corner and am now desperate for somewhere to go. We must be out of our home end of thismonth due to non payment of my rent. Please, anyone, where do I find them? If I can’t find them we’ll be sleeping under a bridge or in a doorway. The squatter camp will be safer for my son than that. I’m an English south African and my son is Afrikaans.

  5. Cardie's girl

    It is not even about Afrikaans people any more, it is about those who have not giving a damn about those who don’t. I knew of an old white tannie who turned to prostitution to keep roof over he head. She is the most kind and gentle person I know, and whenever I tell other white people about her plight, they just shrug and tell me that she is either too lazy to look for a proper job or else is a drug addict.

  6. Why aren’t the wealthy Afrikaaners downsizing their Mercedes’ for a Toyota to employ their less fortunate brethren?
    So much for Afrikaans unity etc..
    At the end of the day they are looking after themselves first.

    • The truth is that some of this camps are in private property of Boers, where they allow this poor Afrikaners to live there to be more safe and give them food and some money. So solidarity between Afrikaners exist and there are wealthy people that not only look for themselves but also for others.

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