The importance of international Relations

Whether we like it or not, we no longer live in an isolated World.

That is why it is so important that Afrikaners open themselves to the world and get external support to the cause of self-determination.

It is important that people throughout the world be aware of the justice of our cause and also manifest for the right to self-determination and protest against ethnic attacks that are being made ​​to the Boer people. See for example the impact that had the mobilization of people worldwide for the release of Timor from Indonesia, the end of the Ian Smith’s regime in Rhodesia or the Apartheid system in South Africa. BJ Vorster, former Prime Minister and President of South Africa realized the importance of good international relations to continue the South African regime and that’s why he spent so many resources in that aim

Arguably the mobilization of people to causes and problems that occur in various regions of the world results because people pressure their governments and movements to act internationally in the competent authorities  for some situations that occur in the world cease to happen

So the Boer-Afrikaner People should join and get support from the authorities who truly have a certain political and social impact in the world. We should be aware that this process will be long and we must be persistent and never give up to show the world that the Afrikaner people is suffering from racism and that this has resulted in deaths.

Importantly already are being made ​​very significant efforts such as the adhesion of Vryheidsfront to UNPO ( association of peoples and nations not represented ) , the fact that Vryheidsfront have contacts with European parties that participate in the European Parliament or the fact that the Orania movement have been reunited with European parties and even in Europe have given lectures on the Orania project.
All this is very positive because the Afrikaner people and their problems will be more known and will increasingly attracting and mobilizing people for the support to self-determination. However , we believe that more can be done , for example , try to International Amnesty worry about racist attacks on Boer-Afrikaners and the discrimination of white afrikaners in access to jobs . Although, We know that this approach has been tried but has to be continued because as mentioned here we have to be persistent and if they refuse to support us we must continue by other means and be even more contructive.

To maximize  the support we received we have to show where and how the poor white Afrikaners live, show statistics regarding the crime, we must also demarcate the apartheid (let’s face it! this system is outdated and does not work, let us look to the future and build something long and stable), the Boer-Afrikaner people can not ever be associated with racismo We aren´t going anywhere with that association, we have to show the results of the 1992 referendum to show that we are not racist.

We can not be associated to radical, extremist and Nazi parties or movements of Europe for various reasons: these movements commit a series of crimes and that give us bad publicity, they don’t accept Israel as a independent country that was for decades our closest ally and like us have the right to self-determination to be na autonomous country and they don’t respect individual freedom and come to suspicion the free property which was the basis of the high economic growth of the Boers through their farms, also they don’t have no real power and only give us bad publicity. We obviously don’t include here parties like the Dutch Freedom Party of Geert Wilders who completely reject an anti Semitic views and condemn Nazism, they’re not even associated with violent crimes and other organizations,and defend the individual rights of persons and free property.

Other parties that are interesting to make contacts are separatist parties of centre europe as Catalans, Basques, Flemish and Tyrolean, in the background we have in common with these parties the desire for self-determination that we should publicly support in their actions. A interesting Flamish Party is the Vlaams Belang, they  have a deputy in the European parliament and defend the Flemish separatism in relation to Belgium.

In addition, the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders have some influence on the outlook of the European Parliament and has already done much to help the Afrikaners. We could also try to have to have support of Social Democrats and Christian Democrats who are generally the major European parties and have great influence in politics, This is  difficult, however, we again repeat that we must be persistent and resilient. It would also be interesting to try to win the support of Israeli movements, we know that, Avigdor Eskin a Israeli Politician  have a great  appreciation for the cause of bóer self-determination, Who Knows if they are are more Israelis as Eskin,  that defend   the  cause of self-determination and freedom and security for our people.

We also considered important that the Boer-Afrikaners around the world whether they are in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa or South America join and create a World organization with branches in various parts of the world where there are Afrikaners and other people willing to help, it is difficult to create a worldwide organization but it  can be very effective especially to gather boer-Afrikaners over the world closer ties between them and also raise the number of supporters to the cause. This organization could happen after a few meetings between Boers and influential organizations with Boer Afrikaners that are outside of South Africa, the idea is to go creating embassies and increasing the influence and connecting communities Boer.

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