The name of the white Rhino

The white rhino was discovered by English settlers in the early of the ninetheent century .At that time the Boers called the Rhinos Wyd” Rhino” since they had a wide mouth which they referred. The English translation misunderstood and thought the Boers referred to the color and registered the Rhino as White Rhino. So the white Rhino was suposed to be Wide Rhino. The large mouth of the rhino is adapted to eat shorter Grass, The black rhinoceros have Have a      narrow mouth to eating leaves bushes. The black Rhino is smaller than the White rhino.

Currently the state of conservation of the White Rhino is a serious concern, the species is classified  as” endangered”. The number of specimens has been declining due to hunting and habitat destruction, Already with some extinct subspecies.

It is very sad when the greed of man overlaps its values, the White Rhino is the second largest land mammal and is a magnificent animal and why African government must commit itself to preserving the animal most severely punishing poachers and expanding areas protected space, The White Rhino is heritage of all Africa, we must not let a greedy minority destroy it.

Rhinoceros  are hunted because of the value of their horns

Rhinoceros are hunted because of the value of their horns



Dead rhinos

rhino without horns

mother rhino

save the rhino

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December 1, 2013 · 9:18 pm

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