Nelson Mandela’s legacy-Present and future in South Africa

About the present in South Africa, we believe that the scenario is not encouraging and the country that Mandela dreamed never materialized what was expected. In terms of prosperity, South Africa isn’t well and it isn’t worse because of its natural wealth that will not last forever. The average life expectancy regarding blacks declined in comparison to the last years of apartheid which is something troubling because it demonstrates that even a regime that discriminated blacks, they could live longer, and with this we are not defending apartheid, we just believe  South Africa that it was built after apartheid was not a good option, over 30% of the population lives below the poverty  and about 25% of the working population is unemployed, this happen in the country with the greatest economic potential and most industrialize in all Africa.

Discrimination and racism are still very present in South Africa.Blacks make up the majority of the country but still they are the targets of policies that benefit them and that is ridiculous because these kind of policies are directed theoretically for the minorities. Policies such as Black Economic Empowerment, as they could be applied very soon after apartheid, but it makes sense to be applied yet. So these policies are outright discrimination but occur mainly in access to work in the imposition of quotas (example: x company for having a white employee must hire 10 blacks, or the fact that the South African Airways have prohibited hiring whites), measures that have the base in skin color are pure racism! The objective of this measures are the simple alienation of whites in the labor market. These measures are also criticized by black politicians, for example by the leader of the  Inkhata freedom party which states that these measures are a disaster not only for discrimination but also for the brain escape. Also racism is evident in sadistic attacks on black farmers, not only the number of dead Boers is large and was immensely large just after apartheid as the contours of these attacks reveal sadism and hate. We can still give as an example the xhenofobe  attacks that have been made by blacks towards black immigrants like Somalis, Mozambicans, Zimbabweans among others, these attacks had a peak in May 2008 when they were killed and wounded many Mozambicans. Also in the politicians we see this racism when a minister says is typical of boes  man beat women referring to the Pistorius case and several politicians sing songs  inciting the death of the Boer people.

Corruption is something that is harming the economy and South Africans in general and is rising from a few decades ago, according to the corruption perception index in 2011 South Africa was in 64th position 2012 on the 69th and this year at position 72th. This corruption enriches a small section of the population and undermining the majority of the population.

Regarding the future, we do not antecipate anything good, for now corruption should increase following the tendency of recent years and with that South Africa will become less transparent and  democratic  and uneven and poor. Many believe that violence will increase after the death of Mandela,we think it will not be for now ,but it is a chance for a few years. we also believe that violence between blacks will  increase,  because Mandela after all was unifying factor in the black community. The violence must also increase against whites especially in the younger generations who have less that pacifying influence that Nelson Mandela would eventually be.

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December 8, 2013 · 5:01 pm

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