2013 main events for the Boer-Afrikaner people.

Malema launches EFF

In October, Julius Malema officially launched is new movement the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) with the objective of creating a movement of blacks that can put him in the South Africa’s presidency. Malema used again is manipulative and racist speech to say that the whites were still the priviligiated, even with more than 800000 poor whites and with the Black Empowerment Policies, and that the Blacks should take their land without having fear showing that he has no sense of private property. Expressions as ‘Honeymoon for whites is over in South Africa’ shows that he make a clear racist speech because is against a specific group, whites, with the intend of promote violence against whites. In his ‘A revolutionary must became a pure killing machine, motivated by pure hate’ he makes a direct call to violence and even to killings motivated by hate. For him this is the definition of member of his party which show that his party is clearly a violent and racist one and thus must be stopped. It is clearly a racist speech against whites, that in a European country will bring that politician to court but unfortunately in South Africa is just a black politician making a comment.

Prison of the BoereMag members for high treason

In November some of the members of the BoereMag including Dr Mike du Toit, Dr Lets Pretorius and his three sons, Wilhelm, Johan and Kobus Pretorius were arrested and sentenced to up 35 years by high treason and attempting to kill Nelson Mandela by a bomb attack in 2002 and killing accidentally a woman. According to the accusation they intend to recover the old Boer Republics of the Transvaal and Oranje Vry Staat, and drive the South African blacks out of the country. We obviously don’t agree with the ideological position of the BoereMag and also with is acts but we think that this kind of acts despite being regrettable are definitely influenced by current wave of anti-white violence in South Africa and also because of the frustration of some Boers with the fact of don’t having a homeland, and so they want to recover the old republics of the Transvaal and Oranje Vry Staat that were taken away by the British Colonialism in the Second Boer War.

Violence against whites

In the year of 2013 violence against whites was again a major problem which affected in a large extent the Boer-Afrikaners. A total of 208 were killed this year, official data, with many more being severely hounded. It’s not only the number of death which is concerning but also the way as those deaths happen. Many of those people are killed in a way that shows that the objective of the criminals is to kill and not rob. Some people were killed by a slid throat, others were torture and others rape. Obviously this shows that the objective of those criminals was not to rob of even to assault but their objective was to torture and to kill these people and that makes it a race motivated crime that must be considered a hate crime. Unfortunately the world doesn’t see especially in this time following the death of Nelson Mandela in which the people prefer think that South Mandela that Mandela created is a Rainbow Nation which is a great lie as we know.

Nelson Mandela’s death

In December Nelson Mandela die with 95 years of age. Is death had a profound impact on the lives of the South Africans because of the major role that Mandela played in the end of Apartheid and in the beginning of this new South Africa. We appreciate the work of Nelson Mandela as an anti-Apartheid activist, despite some excess, but the country that he create is not the country that we promise so because is a country in which the violence and the crime are in the order of the day and in which the whites are discriminated to get a job just because the color of is skin in laws promulgate by Mandela himself. But the death of Madiba could bring new instability to the South African politics, even in political terms, and increase the race or ethnic motivated attacks and one of the groups that is more in danger is the Boer-Afrikaners but also others as the black immigrants that suffered recently a series of attacks by Black South Africans.

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