What we could expect in 2014?



After we made ​​a post with the balance of 2013, we will make a post now with what we expect for the Boer-Afrikaners in 2014.

Attacks on Boer-afrikaner people

In official data were 208 killed last year Boer-Afrikaners among many other attacks, many of these attacks had reason to hate and not just the money. In 2014, we are expectant to know how many Boer-Afrikaners are killed because unfortunately, looking at the past few years we should not wait for a year with no deaths. We expect this number to increase due to the growth of movements that incite hatred against whites as Julius Malema

Evolution on SA Economy

The economy of South Africa has itself been gradually deteriorate long the years, this is quite worrying because it harms the quality of life of South Africans has fallen dramatically and this is visible by the decline in life expectancy of blacks but also in that of many whites who were pushed into poverty. For 2014 we expect the economy to grow however, this growth will not be in favor of all, will be in favor of a corrupt minority that is in government. associated to the economy we are waiting once again to increase the levels of corruption in South Africa, this finding is very important because we can see that in recent years South Africa has fallen quite a few positions in the ranking of the most transparent and least corrupt countries and this is one factor that will concentrate wealth in a small group and will leave most poorest

Julius Malema

In 2013, unfortunately we speak enough of Julius malema because of all his extremist or racist comments in 2014 we hope to continue to do so, it is disturbing to have this man either protagonist alongside the South African media which drags enough young people who have similar ideas ace their . We also expect to see the evolution of his party, economic freedom fighters, and his performance in the 2014 elections, we are particularly curious about whether or not to get seats in parliament would already dangerous.

2014 elections

between April and June this year, it will hold general elections in South Africa. We are very curious to follow the election campaign and after the elections to answer a few questions:” The ANC will lose deputies and confirms the trend of recent years?”; What will be the performance of new parties as Agang SA and Economic Freedom Fighters? Will pull votes to the ANC? What will be the percentage of votes that will be vryheidsfront? The Democratic Alliance will approach the ANC?


We are also expectant to know how will be 2014 Orania? In our opinion Orania’s economy will continue to grow and the value of exports to increase. With the success of Orania and with the increase of violence and racism hope that there is an increase in the number of inhabitants of Orania. In foreign affairs, we hope that Orania can make agreements with major European parties and movements so that the support will increase because of Orania.

Visits on Afrikaner Way

In 2013, our blog had an interesting reception and at the end of the year we had hundreds of hits a day, we hope that will continue in 2014 and we continue to receive emails and comments from everyone.

Have a safe and happy 2014!


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