2014 elections

‘’Julius Malema’s belief that his EFF party will win the 2014 elections is way off base, according to a survey.

However, an October/November Ipsos survey on provincial political party support on moderate voter turnout, could see the EFF as official opposition in both Limpopo and North West.

In 2009 ANC managed to get 85.27% of the Limpopo votes, but the prediction for 2014 has dropped to 67.2%.

The EFF which was registered as a political party late last year, was predicted to garner 11.4% of the votes.

In the North West province 12.7 of participants in the survey said they would vote for the EFF, while the ANC has seen nearly a 10% drop in voters’ support.

Ipsos said Gauteng and the Northern Cape will be heavily contested between the ANC and the DA.

Premier candidate Mmusi Maimane on Monday said the DA’s polling showed the ANC support in Gauteng could drop to less than 50%.

He said the main reason for this decline was President Jacob Zuma.

In Zuma’s home province of KwaZulu-Natal more than one in every 10 participants (11%) refused to answer who they would vote for.

The survey showed that the ANC is also losing its grip on the Northern Cape.

In 2009 the DA received only 13.08% of the votes, but this time around, according to the survey, support in the province has grown to 45.9%.

The ANC received overwhelming support in Mpumalanga with 85.81% of the votes in 2009, but this number might dwindle to 63.4% in 2014.

Political analyst Daniel Silke told News24 the ANC will be happy if they can get 60% of the total vote.

Silke said on Monday the ANC election manifesto was more a political document designed to paper over the cracks in the alliance.

“”Whatever is now in the manifesto in written form needs to be put into practice with immediate effect. Actions speak louder than words.”

Ipsos said it had to be borne in mind that the survey was done before the death of former president Nelson Mandela, and that the next study, planned for early 2014, will yield more contemporary results.’’


     This survey shows a concerning possibility which is the fact that the EFF of Julius Malema could become the official opposition to the ANC party is both Limpopo and North West provinces in the 2014 municipal elections which will be held from April to June. This shows that the EFF as become a strong party is some regions of South Africa just in a few months which shows that the manipulative speech of Julius Malema is working. Malema is still insisting that his economic model is the best to develop South Africa but the truth is that is model is almost all based on land nationalization which will led to a enormous decrease in the agricultural production because the Boers are very productive and if Malema replaced them by black cooperative or by a direct control of the state is will be much less productive because they don’t have the experience to do that and many people will starve. But the ANC has much of blame because don’t give to a great number of South Africans the minimal standard of living. Much of this people became desperate and sees in Malema’s EFF the only solution, because Malema’s manipulative speech gives hopes to many poor black South Africans. But the biggest problem in the growing of Malema’s EFF is the fact that the influence of the party increases and that could led to more and more people follow the racist anti-white speech of Julius Malema and start to do what Malema says them to do which is atrocities against white people. So we Boer-Afrikaners most be very careful with this fast growing of the EFF specially in the North-West that is a region where many Boers live and one of regions where already happens many attacks against white, specially, Boer farmers. Boer-Afrikaner and also non Boer-Afrikaner organizations should recognize the danger posed by Malema and must exposed is racist speech. It is not normal to see is a democratic country a politician say that honeymoon is over for whites in south Africa, or a revolutionary must become a killing machine driven by pure hate and people from different quadrants and groups should gather to expose these and try to bring Malema to justice in South Africa and if it is necessary to higher stances.

We also see with attention the big growing of the Democratic Alliance in the Northern Cape from 13% to 46% which is positive because despite being not the party that we want to grow is a party from the center which is definitely more moderate than the ANC. It is also an important region for Boer-Afrikaners because some live there specially in Kimberley and De Aar and it is where is located the Orania community.

These survey was made before the death of Nelson Mandela which could influence to opinion of the South Africans about the ANC which could led to a small recovery of the party despite some criticism to Zuma after the death of Mandela especially by the ANC youth.

We personally think that the best path to Boer-Afrikaners is to unite in a party that has the capacity to protect his interests. And the only party that we think can protect Boer-Afrikaner interests and people is the Vryheidsfront party. The Vryheidsfront is a conservative Afrikaner party that are been helping the Boer-Afrikaner cause, showing to the world the White Genociede, is the official representative of the party in the UNPO, and it is the only party with a proposal for a Volkstaat, in the Northern Cape region. The Vryheidsfront party is not a party that want to take South Africa back to Apartheid unlike some people think and the DA, where most of the Afrikaners vote, is a party that don’t have any concrete proposal to protect Boer-Afrikaners. Vryheidsfront will never win elections but with more votes will have more power to influence politics in South Africa. So we make an appeal to the Boer-Afrikaners and other people that want to join to the Boer-Afrikaner cause to vote in the Vryheidsfront party in these elections because is the best way to build a better future to Boer-Afrikaners.


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