FW De Klerk criticizes the racist policy of ANC

FW De Klerk


The last white president of South Africa, Frederik Willem De Klerk that has already been spoken here on the blog (https://afrikanerway.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/about-de-klerks-transition/) said the ANC was promoting discriminatory policies based on race. This statement is very important, but it happened to late, wasn’t only now that the ANC promoted racist policies, for some time now that this is true and since the ANC took power in 1994 there has been a certain permissibility towards racist attacks on whites, especially Afrikaners.
Not only in crime that has been seen an increase in discrimination and racism but especially in access to work, whites (because they are white) are discriminated  and aren’t  allowed in certain types of jobs,  Wthat society is being built?? A society with equality of opportunities or a society based on racial quotas?

De Klerk, in his speech, says something we consider important:

“The main Beneficiaries of affirmative action and black economic empowerment have been the emerging black middle class and elite – and not the vast Majority of truly disadvantaged South Africans.”

This phrase could not be more true and needed to be told, who were the main beneficiaries with BBB were the black middle and upper class that managed to further enrich and continue to enrich, the biggest losers were eventually the white middle class working in public functions and was fired to give place to blacks and many of them(the afrikaners) now live in squatter camps.

De Klerk in his speech also addresses the issue of inequality-Our Gini coefficient of 0.7 makes us one of the most unequal societies in the world, this is something important since South Africa is a more unequal country, the black average life expectancy has fallen in relation to the time of apartheid (which is surreal) while a small class of extremely wealthy corrupt blacks emerged and this shows that the equity policies of the ANC failed, and also fail the fight against corruption since that in the transparency ranking South Africa is constantly dropping positions

This denunciation De Klerk is important and it is important that people have the courage to do so, have the courage to point out all the mistakes and failures of the ANC, however, we mustn’t forget that De Klerk had a role in this situation of discrimination that’s happening in South Africa.

FW De Klerk in the early 90s could have negotiated the establishment of a Boer state and then be in an advantageous position to do so and did not, here’s the result …

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