2014 elections in the Gauteng province

The results of the provincial elections in the Gauteng province were the following:


  •  ANC 40 53.59% 
  •  DA  23 30.78% 
  •  EFF 8 10.30% 
  •  VF Plus 1 1.20% 
  •  IFP 1 0.78% 
  •  ACDP 0 0.62% 

The ANC won again the elections in this province with the DA in second place but the difference shortened because the ANC had a negative change of -9,84% of the votes and the DA increased is votes by 7,25% which shows that in this region the ANC is losing a lot of ground to the DA despite still being, by a large margin, the major party. In it’s first elections the EFF get 10,3% which is worrying but might be explained by the large poverty in this region which is responsibility of the ANC. The VF Plus came in fourth place with a negative change of -0,11% but with a better result than in the overall country. 

City of Johannsburg

The results of the provincial elections in the Johannsburg city were the following:


     ANC 53.63% -9.52%

  •  DA 29.76% 8.92%
  •  EFF 10.15%  – – – 
  • IFP 1.32% -1.01%
  • UDM 0.64% 0.21%
  •  VF Plus 0.44% -0.03%

In the city of Johannsburg the change of votes were similar to what happened in the Gauteng province with the ANC losing a lot of votes, -9,52% and DA gaining votes, 8,92%. This might be a sign that the people is starting to understand all the bad things that the ANC do to South Africa and that the DA might be a better solution to the country. The VF Plus had a small result here, 0,44%, which is explained by the fact that this city has few Boer-Afrikaners.

City of Pretoria

The results of the provincial elections in the Tshwane metro, where is located Pretoria, were the following:

     ANC 50.96% -10.11%

  •  DA 31.32% 6.42%
  • EFF 11.41%  – – – 
  •  VF Plus 2.52% -0.38%
  •  ACDP 0.83% -0.28%

In the Tshwane metro the trend was similar to the one seen in the Gauteng Province and in Johannsburg. The ANC still won but lost, -10,11% of the votes, and the DA gain, 6,42% of the votes which gives a reduction of more than 16% of the margin between the two parties, which is pretty significant. The EFF of Julius Malema had again a big result of 11,41% and the VF Plus had 2,52% of the votes which is good but 0,28% inferior to the result of the last elections.

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