2014 national elections in Mpumalanga

The results of the national elections in the Mpumalanga province were the following:

 ANC 78.80% -7.01%

  •  DA 10.04% 2.44%
  •  EFF 6.15%  – – – 
  •  BRA 0.88%  – – – 
  •  VF Plus 0.85% 0.02%

The ANC won again easily the elections in this province. However is important to notice that the votes in the party had a negative change of -7,01% which shows that even in one of the traditional bastions of the ANC the party is losing a lot of votes. The DA increased is votes by 2,44% and is now over 10%. The EFF had 6,15% of the votes in Mpumalanga which is around the average of it get in the country. Besides, the VF Plus had  positive change of 0,02% to 0,85% which is a bit below the national average but is explained by the fact that this region has not many Boer-Afrikaners.

The result of the provincial election on Nelspruit (Mbombela) wer the following:

 ANC 81.99% -5.98%

  •  DA 11.22% 3.44%
  •  EFF 4.93%  – – – 
  •  VF Plus 0.58% -0.01%

Again the ANC won, with a similar result as in the province but again with a negative change in this case of -5,98%. The DA came in second here with a result of 11,22% and with a big positive change of 3,44%. This tendency is similar to wat happen in other parts of the country. The EFF result is low here but might be explain because blacks in city live generally better than  out of it. The VF Plus had a low result here but is due to the fact that the suburbs (Mbombela) were also considered and not only Nelspruit city, which decrease the percentage of Boer-Afrikaners.


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