2014 elections in Free State

The results of the 2014 national elections in the Free State were the following:

• ANC 69.71% -2.19%
• DA 16.24% 4.14%
• EFF 7.89% – – –
• VF Plus 1.92% 0.31%
• COPE 1.41% -9.70%

The ANC won again the elections with 69,71%of the votes and had a negative change of -2,19%. As in almost all the south african provinces the DA had a increase in the votes in this case 4,14% in relation to the 2009 elections. The EFF had a good result here, bad in the Boer-Afrikaner perspective, of 7,89% which might be explained by the large percentage of blacks in this region, 87,6%. The VF Plus had the best national result in the Free State province with 1,92% and a positive change of 0,31% which is pretty good. This result might be explained by the fact the despite the region has only 8,7% whites, almost all of those are Boer-Afrikaners and some of them are Boers (live in rural areas) and face a wave of crime of racist blacks, even more than in the urban areas. The COPE had an enormous decrease as in other provinces like Western Cape and Northern Cape.

Provincial elections in Bloemfontein

The results of the 2014 provincial elections in the Manguang Local Municipality where is located Bloemfontein and it’s suburbs were the following:

ANC 64.44% 0.00%
• DA 20.87% – – –
• EFF 8.59% – – –
• VF Plus 2.38% – – –
• COPE 1.74% – – –

As in the all province the ANC won the elections but here with a smaller result of 64,44%. By opposition the DA get 20,87% in the provincial elections in Bloemfontein better than in the region. This might be explained by the fact that Bloemfontein has much bigger percentage of whites and coloureds than the Free State province. The EFF had 8,59% due to the large number of poor blacks mainly in the suburbs around Bloemfontein. The VF Plus had 2,38% the biggest provincial result in any big city. The fact the the city has a big number of whites is an influent reason for that and is good for the party. Because this municipality is new we cannot make a comparison with the previous elections.

Provincial elections in Welkom

The results of the 2014 provincial elections in Matjhabeng municipality, where is located Welkom, where the following:

ANC 67.17% -2.34%
• DA 17.71% 3.79%
• EFF 9.77% – – –
• COPE 1.85% -11.70%
• VF Plus 1.55% 0.59%

The ANC won again the elections in this municipality by a large margin. Even with a decrease of -2,34% in the votes we cannot understand how in a municipality that suffer a widespread corruption by the ANC, with 2 billion rande missing, the ANC still won easily. We can only conclude that many people vote in the ANC only because of Mandela and his fight against Apartheid and not because of the work and actions of it’s current politicians. The DA came in second with a positive change of 3,79% but far from the ANC. The EFF of Mandela get 9,77% which could be attribute to the fact that this has 87,7% of blacks many of them poor. The COPE came in fourth with 1,85% and the VF Plus get 1,55% of the votes with a positive change of 0,59% which is defenitly good for a municipality that has only 9,6% of whites.

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