Boer Afrikaner’s in conversations for the creation of an Afrikaner State

At the end of the month of July we received some news that is worth being analyzed here:


The group Boer-Afrikaner Volksraad, announced that it has initiated talks with the South African government with the aim of creating an independent BoerAfrikaner state.

This is probably the best news that the Boers-Afrikaner had in recent times, however, must be carefully analyzed.


Firstly, this is good news because our assumptions about the self-determination have been heard. How Andries Breytenbach said: Germans want to be Governed by Germans. Japanese people want to be Governed by Japanese. We the BoerAfrikaner people want to be Governed by our people in a democratic way, we have the power to elect someone who represents us and this currently doesn’t happen because the other South African people’s in parliament because they’re more numerous,  vote for their parties and take us this ability of political representation.

So, a independent state will solve this problems.

but we must be careful with this news. The question here is: The ANC and its President really have this intention? We think not, President Zuma said recently. ‘ You can not create an Orania, you must be part of South Africa and share in what we all share “These words do not deserve comments but tell us that South Rulers Africans are not eager to create an independent state. In fact, who would later create wealth in South Africa without BoerAfrikaners ?!

We hope this intention’ of the South African government is not to silence us, saying that they are dealing with the matter and this is never going to solve and perpetually delaying our desire of a Free State.


We also do not want the elite of the ANC and the government think they will send to a miniscule piece of land across the Afrikaner population. We have to be careful because their intent may be to put an entire people in a ghetto, as the Nazis were getting into Jews. The state must be big enough and have  enough living resources for our people.


South Africa is a big country with enough resources and be sure get a land serving to agriculture and has few natural resources.

Either way it is important that these discussions begin, because there are important issues to discuss the future independent state. For example, where would be located since the BoerAfrikaners are dispersed everywhere.


Another important discussion is whether this dispersion due to the Afrikaners should do more than one state, potentially smaller but that add more people. This hypothesis has the disadvantage of being worse for coordinating the military and security forces.





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