Israel-Gaza conflict

This news talks about the support of the South African government to the Palestine cause and the call to a boycott against Israel comparing the politics of that state to the old South African Apartheid regime.

We must comment this news because we think this is a big mistake in international politics that South Africa is making. Israel is a democratic and modern state that respects the international law. In the palestinian side, more specifically in Gaza, we have an islamic, anti-semitic and terrorist organization, the Hamas. So when the South African politicians support the Palestinian cause is important to think about this because indirectly it is supporting the Hamas. In this recent conflict the Hamas used hospitals, schools, houses and stores to store weapons and to fire rockets against Israel putting civilians deliberately in danger. They also used palestinians as human-shields. Hamas has received in the past few years millions of dollars from Iran and Qatar. But instead of help the population in Gaza they prefer to buy rockets and to dig tunnels to do terrorist attacks in Israel. Israel was also made mistakes in this conflict with attacks against UN-schools and the quality of life in Gaza is far from good in part also because of the Hamas. However who started this conflict was the terrorist attacks from Hamas and Israel as a sovereign state has the right to defend itself from the attacks to it’s people. So in this conflict Israel has the moral uperhand, with no doubt.

Another important thing to refer is the support given to the Palestinians because of a comparison between the Apartheid regime in South Africa and the Israeli regime that many call Israeli Apartheid. The truth is that there isn’t an Israeli Apartheid. The palestinians have the same rights that the Jews have in contrast to what it happened in Apartheid South Africa. They go to the same restaurants, hospitals , shops, use the same transports etc. There are some limitations in movement but that’s just protective measures because of the high terrorist level that exists there. There are no racial segregation in Israel, the ethnic of many Jews and Palestinians is quite similar and there are Jews of different racial backgrounds that live in harmony in the country. The Palestinians in Gaza and in the West Bank are govern by elected governments. We are against the settlements in the West Bank but that has nothing to do with Apartheid. Almost since the creation of Israel, the country was target of numerous terrorist attacks by several organizations, Black September, OLP and more recently the Hamas. Hondreds of inocent israelis were kill in these attacks.

Here you can see the fatalities of terrorism in Israel by year:


Note that in every single year Israel suffers fatal terrorist attacks and in many years it also surpasses the 50 victims a year. In no other ocidental country this happen which shows the danger in which the Israeli society lives even with all the protective measures.

So the country is under attack and so has right to defend itself from those attacks as is happening nowadays with the rocket attacks by Hamas.

Some people as the spokesman of EFF, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, the opposition to Israel should also be done because Israel supply weapons to the South African Apartheid regime: ”The apartheid government was killing our people with the armaments it got from Israel,” he says. “It’s very simple.” Unlike Ndlozi say is not that simple. Is true that an alliance between Israel and South Africa happen during the 70’s and the 80’s. However this alliance was more militar and economic than political. South Africa was almost isolated and Israel had difficult relations with many states so by opportunity and not by ideology the two states became allies. The African state that offer more trade opportunities was South Africa. Also Israel had the objective of fighting the communism in Africa and helping the Apartheid regime was an effective way to do that. And a racist organization as the EFF has not the legitimity to do this kind of remarks.

However we think that this critics of South Africa to Israel are not innocent because the South African government are trying to be seen as a guardian of the people that suffers, what they call, the same thing that happened to us and that also improves it’s image in some countries and leftist circles. It is a great hypocrisy because as we know South Africa is a society that discriminates in certain situations who is not black and don’t help them in poverty.

For us there should be an alliance between Boer-Afrikaner organizations and Jewish and Israeli organizations because the two people have much in common. Both suffer persecutions because of their faith, both suffered a genocide, both live in a region where they are outnumbered by other people (Arabs in Middle East, Blacks in Southern Africa) and both have an important religious connection. The experience of the Israelis with the self-determination and the creation of a new state could be important to the creation and development of a future Volkstaat. There are a big Jewish community in South Africa, many of them Boere Jode, and so the majority of Boer-Afrikaners has a good image of israel and the Jewish people which helps  further relations. 

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