Who we are

We are two afrikaners that are currently living in Europe.

With this website we pretend to disclose the Afrikaner culture and his traditions. Our objective is to connect with all the Afrikaners, living in South Africa and in other parts of the world.

We pretend the self determination of the boer- Afrikaner people with the creation of a Volkstaat/Boerstaat in which the we(the afrikaners) could live in freedom and piece and developing our culture, religion, language without the current discrimination in South Africa of the Afrikaner people.

We want also to say that we are not racists, we believe that all peoples have the right to live in their land including the Afrikaners that are a nation without a land.
We don’t want any kind of violence, we want that Boer-Afrikaners reach agreement with other people in order to solve their divergencies in a diplomatic and civilized way, however, it is important that, in case of attack or disrespect , Afrikaners unite and protect themselves

To develop our website we want to make interviews with figures of the Afrikaner people living in different parts of the world and also in South Africa. We pretend to interview figures of different social areas such as politics and religion.

Our goal is to spread the word and make other people that aren’t Afrikaners to know what is happening today in South Africa and all the violence that Afrikaners and people in general are subject.

This website is written in English to maximize the viewers, most of the people can read English, including Afrikaners, so we want that not only afrikaners read our website, we want that all people in the world be consciouss about the situation of boer-afrikaner culture.

We count with your help to developing our blog as further as possible making the biggest effect possible.

7 responses to “Who we are

  1. koos

    aarde kerels julle moet liewer in Afrikaans skryf, julle maak ons volkie goedkoop met julle power ingels.

  2. Rob

    Great site! I look forward to learning more. I became interested in the history and culture of the Afrikaner people as the result of a happy accident while I was learning some Dutch for a trip. Since then, I have started learning Afrikaans and found that I may have an ancestral tie to the country. I look forward to learning more, and hopefully to being able to leave positive comments in decent Afrikaans!

  3. Michael

    Ouens, dit is ‘n belangrike ding wat jy daar doen. Hoeveel Afrikaaners is oor die hele wêreld versprei, want hulle kan/mag nie leef tuisland meer nie. Jy is werklik ‘n nasie sonder ‘n land. Die meer belangrik is die webtuistes wat gee jou ‘n stem.

  4. JAS

    Very interesting information. I happen to be Mexican, but I live in the US since 1996. Despite of some of the ugly side, I find the history of the Afrikaner people and language fascinating. It is only the sole Indo-European language developed in Africa. For that reason this summer I am learning a couple of words and phrases in Afrikaans. Totsiens!

  5. Christelle

    We just watched a great south african film called Verraaiers. Its about the Anglo Boer War . it was a great film and made me really sad. Afrikaners are now scattered throughout the world because of the troubles in South Africa. Now I have to live away from everyone I love because of War and past apartheid policy that I had nothing to do with….. Ons praat weer.

  6. Daar klop ‘n Boerehart in elke Afrikaner, maak nie saak waar hy woon nie. Welgedaan!

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