Siener Van Rensburg

       Siener Van Rensburg had also made important prophecies about recent events in South Africa. He had previewed that a black will, near the end of the XX century get into power in South Africa with will lead to the marginalisation of the Boer-Afrikaner. The blacks now in the government will persecute whites, especially the Afrikaners and that persecution will had is more dramatic point after a death of a great black leader in a event that Siener called the night of the long knives in which thousands of Boer-Afrikaners will be killed. We only can think of that as an event that will occur after the death of Nelson Mandela which as we know is near. If this Siener’s prophecy happens to be truth like so many others we need to defend ourselves and prepare to the worst that could happen which is the death of thousands of Boer-Afrikaners. However from the repression and the death of many Boers we will fight back and according to Siener’s prophecy a new Boer-Afrikaner nation will be created and the leader of the Boers will be not a born-Boer but a spiritual Boer, born in another country but with the other characteristics that make the Boer man. When people asked Siener for dates he simple said that this will be happening when ice starts to melt which make us think that this could happen in a near future. In that moment the Vierkleur will stand again!

      Given the high accuracy of Siener’s visions and the difficult situation that Afrikaners face now, this is the time to see those visions and prepare ourselves to fight for our nation, for our people and for our freedom. 

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