Why isn’t Nelson Mandela the father of our nation?

In the last days following the death of Nelson Mandela many people has been saying as already said when he was still alive, that Nelson Mandela is the father of the new South Africa and of all South Africans. But we strongly disagree with the last part of the sentence. We admire the fight spirit of Mandela and his struggle for equality of all people that inhabit South Afrcia, to the land, and the forgive that he gave to some people who had ties with the Apartheid. But his actions even that we was a saint, and was not, will don’t make him the father of our nation because the father of the Boer-Afrikaner nation is not Mandela, or any black, coloured, Englishman or Indian. The fathers of our people are exclusively Boer-Afrikaners such as the Voortrekkers leaders, Boer politicians and Boer Generals, ( Andries Pretorius, Paul Kruger, Koos De la Rey and others). Those are our fathers because they build our nation and our culture not Mandela.

Undoubtedly Mandela played a big role in the live of all people that inhabit South Africa including the Boer-Afrikaners but of course this doesn’t make him the Father of our Nation or the father of our people because our nation doesn’t exist today. The new South Africa is a nation of all and at the same time of nobody because in a big space where are aggregated several African tribes including the Boer-Afrikaners plus the Indians, the Coloureds, the English, and communities of immigrants especially from other African countries in which no one was his own space. But the truth is that in the UNPO, where the Boer-Afrikaner people are represented by the Vryheidsfront Party it says: ‘All peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.’

These means that even a minority in a normal country was the right to his self determination but in the Boer-Afrikaner case this is even more evident because unlike it is said by the ANC members and other politicians, South Africa is a violent land with a great number of crimes and in which the insecurity in very high in most of the country. And we see that a specific part of that violence and crime is done against Boer-Afrikaners with the specific objective of inflicting harm and pain because those people belong to a certain group, they are not ordinary crime unlike the government members said, but racism, which means that Boer-Afrikaners in many areas don’t have they security granted and thus the need of self determination and the creation of a Volkstaat is even greater.

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