Siener Van Rensburg

Siener’s prophecies about international events

       At the same time that Siener Van Rensburg has had is visions about the South African future and the Afrikaner people future he also has had prophecies about relevant events in the world history. In the begin of the XX century he previewed the Russian Revolution and the subsequent rise of communism and also the I War World. After that Siener also previewed the rise of Hitler and the Second World War including the atomic bombs. He also had a vision about a disease in Africa that nowadays is thought to be AIDS. He even had a vision about the global warming and the ice melting that he says that will be happen at the same time that a very important moment for the Boer-Afrikaner people that we will develop later. Siener had also previewed another important international event that still not has occurred. Siener previewed that Russia will fall back into communism to form a new URSS and allied with China and Middle East countries will fight against EUA and Germany in a World War 3. That war will be devastating using new and very advanced weapons and Great Britain will be destroyed by the combats. In the end Germany and the EUA will win the war but with a high cost.
This prophecies show that Siener had a great capacity of seeing events that will be happen many years later, a capacity that probably almost anyone have had in the world. 

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  1. We are in for a big shock we living in the last day I definitely agree

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