A little biography of Piet Joubert



      Petrus Jacobus Joubert was born in 1834 in the district of Prince Albert in the BritishCape Colony. He was descendent of Pierre Joubert a Huguenot French that flee in 1688 to the CapeColony because of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes and the persecution done by the catholics against the Protestants in that country. He was left orphan at an early age and went with the Voortrekkers to the Transvaal province to the Wakkerstroom district and also to the NatalProvince were he farmed with a great success and started to study law.  Because of his capacities and achievements he was elected in the early sixties for the Volksraad as a member of Wakkerstroom district. In 1870 he was elected attorney-general of the republic and in 1875 he acted as a president during the absence of Transvaal’s president, at the time, T.F Burgers in Europe. During the British annexing of the Transvaal he always was, contrarian to other Boers like Paul Kruger, irreconcilable with the British interests and he directed the agitation that led to the First Boer War. He become Commandant-General of the Boer troops in the First Boer War and was the commandant of the troops in Laings Nek, Schuinshoogte and Majuba Hill the battles that help the Boer victory in that war and that led to the Pretoria Convention that maintained the Boer control over the Transvaal.   After the First Boer War he was one of the most important politics of the Transvaal. He candidate four times for the presidency of the Suid Afrikaanse Republiek but lost that 4 times to Paul Kruger. He was the member of the most progressive sector of the boers which wanted to give some rights at the Uitlanders, foreigners, that arrived to the Transvaal attracted by it’s gold. However in 1895 the Jameson Raid, an attempt of some British uitlanders to take the power in the Transvaal helped by influent british figures like Cecil Rhodes, made is position weaker and led to accusations of treachery and sympathy with the Uitlander agitation which led to an enormous defeat against Paul Kruger in the 1988 elections. He took a little role in the negotiations that led to Ultimatum of the British sent to Paul Kruger. In the end of his political career he led mainly on the defensive and the offensive movements of the Boer forces in the begin of the Second Boer War such as Elandslaagte and Willow Grange appeared to be neither planned or executed by him. In November of 1899 he fall from is horse and suffered severe injuries. Two days after he was appointed command supreme of the Transvaal forces he died of Peritonitis in Pretoria.


      He is remember as a clever man, slim Piet in afrikaans, was is nickname, and a soldier and a gentleman, a important figure of the BoerVolk and a man that dedicated is live to it’s people. Also, Frederik Duquense Joubert, one of his nephews was a well-known spy that claimed to kill Lord Kitchener, the british commandant in the Second Boer War, in the First World War and after that was a spy for the Nazis in the Second World War known as Fritz Duquense. 

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