Localization of the Volkstaat

     We have previously done a text about why the idea of a Volkstaat for the Boer-Afrikaner people is a good idea and supported by the international law. Now we will write about the localization that we think is better to place the Volkstaat in the South African territory. Since the end of Apartheid and even before of it there have been many proposals of Boer-Afrikaner organizations or parties for a possible Volkstaat/Boerstaat. The Vryheidsfront proposal is a relatively remote area of the Northern Cape in which the Afrikaners can be a majority despite of the large number of coloureds, but don’t have many resources and is an area in which a part of the Boer-Afrikaner population doesn’t have almost any link. Another proposals were made in the around the town of Vryheid in the Kwazulu Natal and also in the region of the old Boer republics of the Transvaal and Oranje Vry Staat. In the case of the region around Vryheid we think that is too small to center there a Volkstaat where part of the Afrikaner population will live and will be more suitable for an Afrikaner settlement similar to Orania or Kleinfontein. In the case of building a future Volkstaat in the region of the old republics of the Transvaal and Oranje Vry Staat we think that is a region too big specially because this is not the XIX century and a Volkstaat there will lead to a massive dislocation of black people that is impossible to be done even that cities as Johannesburg or Soweto will not be part of the Volkstaat/Boerstaat.

       Our localization for the Volkstaat is from Prieska in the Eastern part of the Northern Cape province to Rustenburg in the South-East part of the North West province. The biggest cities in our proposal of Volkstaat are the following: De Aar and in the Northern Cape, Welkom and Kroonstad in the Free State and Klerksdorp Potchefstroom and Rustenburg in the North West. This region has in our opinion the best conditions for a Volkstaat because we have plenty of natural resources in the south of the North West province and also in the north of the Vry Staat. We have the two biggest South African rivers the Vaal and the Oranje rivers, that give the water needed for the population and for the agriculture that naturally will be one of the major activities in the Volkstaat making a use of the good agriculture development existing in the area and even developing it further because of the security that will be better than in the today’s South Africa where the crime is a major problem with almost 4000 farmers killed since the end of Apartheid and 70000 whites death. The region has also some industry that will be important to the development of the Volkstaat. Also in 2010 the Afrikaans newspaper Die Beeld done a survey where 56% of the Afrikaners say that support a idea of a Volkstaat and will move there if was created and a further 17% will consider it so we know that a Volkstaat is an idea with which many Afrikaners agree with and if will be made in the right region could attract many Afrikaners to it.  Our proposal of Volkstaat also includes the enclave of Orania which is a very important place for the Afrikaners because it is a bastion for the Boer-Afrikaner culture and a well developed place economically and socially that could serve as an example for the rest of the Volkstaat/Boerstaat.  We have also some doubts about some of the cities that could or not be in the Volkstaat  in border regions of the state. Lichtenburg and Kimberley will be cities that we need more time to decide if worth or not be our proposal of Volkstaat. In terms of the kind of autonomy that the state will have we think that the more achievable solution is an autonomous region rather than a full independent one because it a more viable solution. The Afrikaners now, will not have all the means to create a state and if the Volkstaat became independent probably many international voices of protest will be hear because many people still think that post Apartheid South Africa is the rainbow nation that Nelson Mandela promised and a fully independent Boer-Afrikaner state could still be linked with Apartheid regime even if wasn’t anything like that.

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