2014 elections

Due to professional reasons we were unable to post anything in the last month. However we will increase the number of texts in the following months. 

In May of this year it was held in South Africa both the national elections and the provicial elections.

The National Results were the following:


  •  ANC 249 62.15% 
  •  DA 89 22.23% 
  •  EFF 25 6.35% 
  •  IFP 10 2.40% 
  •  NFP 6 1.57% 
  •  UDM 4 1.00% 
  •  VF Plus 4 0.90% 

In comparison with the previous elections the ANC lost 3,75% of the votes in comparison with the last election and get the lowest result ever. In opposition the Democratic Alliance is still the official oposition increasing largely the number of votes by 5,57% and get it’s biggest result ever. The EFF of Julius Malema gather 6,35% of the votes in their first election and the Inkatha Freedom Party had a change of -2,15%, it’s lowest result ever too. The VF Plus had a positive change of 0,07% which is the biggest since 1994 despite not having big differences throught the years and keeping the number of seats in the parliament, 4.

We are happy by seeing the ANC losing votes because they are the biggest responsible for the present situation in South Africa in which poverty, unemployment and crime are huge and the discrimination against whites makes part of the daily rotine. We see positively the strong increase of the DA we think that is positive for South Africa in general, because the DA politicians are more competent than the ANC ones, the Western Cape is the region of South Africa which is best managed, and for Boer-Afrikaners in particular because it is the party in which more Boer-Afrikaners vote and so is a party the could protect more the Boer-Afrikaners than the ANC. We are worried by seeing the EFF with so many votes in the first elections because these is a party with a radical and anti-white agenda that puts in risk the live of many Boer-Afrikaners despite of being still a low pole the manipulative speech of Julius Malema could increase a lot the votes in the next elections. The Boer-Afrikaner organizations should continue their fight trying to illegalize this racist party that threats the whites in South Africa. The VF Plus, the most representative Boer-Afrikaner party,  increased the number of votes by 0,07% which is positive but we still think that many Boer-Afrikaners are resignated to the present situation of South Africa and don’t do enough to change the course of the events. The fact is that the vote in the Vryheidsfront plus is the beste way to defend the interest of the Boer-Afrikaners. Also, the party need to do more trying to capitalize votes, because of the problems of many Boer-Afrikaners specially the large amount of poor Afrikaners. Maybe, a bigger focus on social-economic politics could be positive to get more votes of those people and also try to clear once more that the party has nothing to do with Apartheid. We also want to refer the new Front Nasionaal party that get 0,03% of the votes.

We will next do analysis of the results in each province of the country.

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