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Genocide Watch text about South Africa

Click to access South_Africa_2013-10-xx_SA,_where_corruption_is_normal.pdf

In this text of Genocide Watch we can see the sad reality that affects South Africa and the Boer-Afrikaner people in this time. South Africa is a country in which the crime, the violence and the corruption reigns. South Africa is now considered the rape capital of the world. Some data about this are really disturbing. A woman in South Africa was more chance of being rape than of graduate from high school. Almost one in three women were rape at least one in South Africa. And one reason for the rape being so common in South Africa is the fact that many rapists, even rapists that rape several women, are not sentence to jail as in any other civilized country of the world. In one town from 2005 to 2007 just 7 of 250 rapists were sentence to jail. The reason for many rapes are also absurd, Indian women are rape by Zulus because they give fertility, lesbians are rape to cure their homosexuality and many jonge rape for prove there manhood. This shows well how idiot are some South Africans and in many cases even politics are rapists. Some judges even have compassion for rapists and empathize with them which show how ridiculous is South Africa today. In the fact the inefficient justice system is one of the things that make the crime level so high in South Africa. Another is the fact that the police is not trustable in South Africa. In many situations some policeman stole, attack and even rape people including victims of another crime that they should help. When a person is aborded by the police, that person don’t know if it is really the police or even it is the real police you don’t know what they will do to you. 83% of the South African think that the police force is corrupt.  Could you imagine what is living in a country in which you cannot trust in any authorities? That’s South Africa.

Another obvious problem in South Africa is both the discrimination, and the wave of crime that the whites suffer. The Black Economy Empowerment has led to discrimination of the whites, and sometimes also coloureds and Indians, that many times are fired of there jobs to give place to blacks, sometimes without the qualification required to that job. Many of those whites that lose their job became unemployed and go to poverty, with a Squatter Camp, becoming their new home. Besides the political and economic discrimination the whites also face a big wave of crime make by racist blacks that blame them for their poverty. But despite the problems with the Apartheid the fact is that many social and economic indicators are decreasing in South Africa.

The other problem that the Boer-Afrikaners suffer is the attacks made by black criminals. Since the end of Apartheid around 70000 whites were killed in South Africa more than 3000 Boer farmers. 95% of these crimes were made by blacks which shows that some blacks target specifically whites. The problem is even worse in the case of the Boer farmers. The murder rate in South Africa is 31,9 per 100000 which already very high but in the case of the Boer farmers the rate is 99 per 100000. Being a white farmer is South Africa is the most dangerous profession in the world, because for black farmers the murder rate is average which shows that the Boer farmers are being specifically targeted by black criminals. And the way many of these whites are being killed shows that their deaths are not thefts that went wrong, but the objective of those black criminals is really to kill them. Some whites are drown in boiling waters, others are raped, others are burn to death, others are shot dead have being cut their Aquiles tendon, some are cut in pieces and in other case even babies and pets are also killed. This shows that those blacks do not want to theft they want to kill whites and to make them suffer while doing it. We are not saying that all whites that are killed are killed because of the colour of their skin but the fact is that the way many whites are killed indicate that some of those crimes are racially motivated and is in the pattern of genocide and the Genocide Watch already put South African Boer-Afrikaners at risk 6 (maximum is 8) which is preparing genocide, and now is in level 5. The attacks of those blacks happen in part because the poverty but also because South Africans politicians, specially Julius Malema, made an hate speech against whites saying that they are colonialist and should return to Europe. When an influent politician as Julius Malema says: ‘One bullet, one settler’, ‘Maak dood die wit man’ or ‘Honeymoon is over for whites in South Africa’ many blacks, living is extreme poverty and with a weak education are easily manipulated by this speech and some of them start to attacking whites. And the problem is not only Malema because many ANC politicians had singing songs against whites as president Jacob Zuma with is ‘Umshini Wami’ Zulu for give me a machine gun. With members of the government with this kind of speech is almost impossible for whites to be protected by the South African authorities. Is also important to notice that the racist attacks of black South Africans are made not only against whites but also against black immigrants which shows well the effects of poverty that exists today in South Africa. The black-on-black crime is also very high in South Africa and is another problem to be solved. The poverty and insecurity is so high that even some blacks, specially from the older generation, feel a bit nostalgic about Apartheid because even being a racist regime in which blacks were 2ª class citizens and couldn’t have their parties, that fact is that in the Apartheid regime there was more security, more jobs and more life expectancy.

There are also an objective of prevent the Boer-Afrikaners people of defending themselves. Since 2003 the government began to disbanding rural commando to protect farmers in remote areas. The last unit was disbanded in 2008 and it was made a promise that police unit will protect the farmers. However until this day police units are yet to arrive and that makes easier the attacks of black criminals against whites. The South African government also stop to count the whites deaths because supposedly is racist, but in a country still divided by race it is important to see how the different groups are being affected by crime.

In international terms this situation is unfortunately almost unknown. Most of the people in Europe, North America and Oceania still believe that South Africa is the rainbow nation that Mandela has promise. But the fact is that South Africa is a place of crime and some of that crime is black-on-white crime with racist motivations. Boer-Afrikaner organizations as the Vryheidsfront Party, the Afriforum are exposing to the world this preparation for Genocide but unfortunately almost nobody out of South Africa notice that. One of the objectives of our blog is also to expose the racist black-on-white crime in South Africa. We thank the Genocide Watch for being one of the few organizations that is watching and reporting the Black-on-white crime in South Africa and its racist motivations. We hope that other organizations begin to report this crime situation because is a violation of the human rights that cannot be unpunished.

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May 25, 2014 · 10:43 pm

Boere Jode

The Afrikaner-Jews or Boere Jode are an important aspect and part of the whole Boer-Afrikaner culture and is therefore deserved this our reference to our site.

In the 19th century, many askhenazi european jews mostly from Great britain(many of them originating from Latvia and Lithuania) and Germany imigrated to South Africa, due to greater religious openness practiced in this region and settled mainly Afrikaans speaking areas. The first Ashkenazi Jewish congregation was established in 1841.

In the first three decades of the twentieth century there was a large influx of Jews arriving in South Africa especially the Baltic countries, many of them coming without any possessions.

Most of these Jews did not speak English and many have learned English before they learn afrikaans, others just afrikaans because many Jews spoke Yiddish and this language is much more similar to Afrikaans than for the English. Many Yiddish words have entered the vocabulary of Afrikaans will be as s Jewish communities were integrating the Boer-Afrikaners. The University of Cape Town Jewish studies libraries has a comprehensive collection of South African Yiddish books.

Integrating culture and Afrikaner-Boer community continued with many Jews to marry Afrikaner women and cultures participate in activities of the season. However, most of these people ever lost some unique specificity of their culture, such as the maintenance of Religion, and therefore are called afrikaner-Jews or Boer jode.

Some Jews were connected more to the English people in South Africa, these Jews came mainly from England and settled in Cape Town where they found a large English community.

The Afrikaner-jews were so integrated into the Afrikaner Boer-Afrikaner culture and felt so connected to that many Boers fought the Boer side in the Anglo Boer War.

Monument in honour of the Boerejode killed in the anglo-bóer war

Monument in honour of the Boerejode killed in the anglo-bóer war


The Boerejode, are also part of Boer culture, moreover, are Boer-Afrikaner culture were integrated into the language, culture, customs and fought with us. This is suficienten any Boer-Afrikaner deny that antisemitism is an attitude that goes against our culture.

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January 22, 2014 · 11:32 pm

Nelson Mandela’s legacy-Present and future in South Africa

About the present in South Africa, we believe that the scenario is not encouraging and the country that Mandela dreamed never materialized what was expected. In terms of prosperity, South Africa isn’t well and it isn’t worse because of its natural wealth that will not last forever. The average life expectancy regarding blacks declined in comparison to the last years of apartheid which is something troubling because it demonstrates that even a regime that discriminated blacks, they could live longer, and with this we are not defending apartheid, we just believe  South Africa that it was built after apartheid was not a good option, over 30% of the population lives below the poverty  and about 25% of the working population is unemployed, this happen in the country with the greatest economic potential and most industrialize in all Africa.

Discrimination and racism are still very present in South Africa.Blacks make up the majority of the country but still they are the targets of policies that benefit them and that is ridiculous because these kind of policies are directed theoretically for the minorities. Policies such as Black Economic Empowerment, as they could be applied very soon after apartheid, but it makes sense to be applied yet. So these policies are outright discrimination but occur mainly in access to work in the imposition of quotas (example: x company for having a white employee must hire 10 blacks, or the fact that the South African Airways have prohibited hiring whites), measures that have the base in skin color are pure racism! The objective of this measures are the simple alienation of whites in the labor market. These measures are also criticized by black politicians, for example by the leader of the  Inkhata freedom party which states that these measures are a disaster not only for discrimination but also for the brain escape. Also racism is evident in sadistic attacks on black farmers, not only the number of dead Boers is large and was immensely large just after apartheid as the contours of these attacks reveal sadism and hate. We can still give as an example the xhenofobe  attacks that have been made by blacks towards black immigrants like Somalis, Mozambicans, Zimbabweans among others, these attacks had a peak in May 2008 when they were killed and wounded many Mozambicans. Also in the politicians we see this racism when a minister says is typical of boes  man beat women referring to the Pistorius case and several politicians sing songs  inciting the death of the Boer people.

Corruption is something that is harming the economy and South Africans in general and is rising from a few decades ago, according to the corruption perception index in 2011 South Africa was in 64th position 2012 on the 69th and this year at position 72th. This corruption enriches a small section of the population and undermining the majority of the population.

Regarding the future, we do not antecipate anything good, for now corruption should increase following the tendency of recent years and with that South Africa will become less transparent and  democratic  and uneven and poor. Many believe that violence will increase after the death of Mandela,we think it will not be for now ,but it is a chance for a few years. we also believe that violence between blacks will  increase,  because Mandela after all was unifying factor in the black community. The violence must also increase against whites especially in the younger generations who have less that pacifying influence that Nelson Mandela would eventually be.

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December 8, 2013 · 5:01 pm

The name of the white Rhino

The white rhino was discovered by English settlers in the early of the ninetheent century .At that time the Boers called the Rhinos Wyd” Rhino” since they had a wide mouth which they referred. The English translation misunderstood and thought the Boers referred to the color and registered the Rhino as White Rhino. So the white Rhino was suposed to be Wide Rhino. The large mouth of the rhino is adapted to eat shorter Grass, The black rhinoceros have Have a      narrow mouth to eating leaves bushes. The black Rhino is smaller than the White rhino.

Currently the state of conservation of the White Rhino is a serious concern, the species is classified  as” endangered”. The number of specimens has been declining due to hunting and habitat destruction, Already with some extinct subspecies.

It is very sad when the greed of man overlaps its values, the White Rhino is the second largest land mammal and is a magnificent animal and why African government must commit itself to preserving the animal most severely punishing poachers and expanding areas protected space, The White Rhino is heritage of all Africa, we must not let a greedy minority destroy it.

Rhinoceros  are hunted because of the value of their horns

Rhinoceros are hunted because of the value of their horns



Dead rhinos

rhino without horns

mother rhino

save the rhino

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December 1, 2013 · 9:18 pm